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Submitted by ChrisPriestman 1716d ago | opinion piece

Halo Remake: A Disaster Waiting To Happen?

343 Industries are working away frantically behind closed doors on a game set in the Halo universe. If we are to see a Halo remake, how many changes do you think you would be happy with to one of gaming's most treasured? (343 Industries, Culture, Dev, Halo: Combat Evolved, Xbox 360)

tdogchristy90  +   1716d ago
Being an original halo fan that grew up with CE in highschool, I'm very concerned.

And what was said about master chief and finding it hard for anyone outside of bungie working on him being hard to swallow.

This whole article just sums up my complete worry, concern, and thoughts on the franchise

I love my childhood memories of halo.
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Munky  +   1716d ago
Agreed, Halo: CE is a very special game to a lot of people. I just hope they don't disappoint those fans, myself included.
gamingdroid  +   1716d ago
If it is a flop it is a flop, but it really doesn't affect the game that is already out there. What is the fear?
gaden_malak  +   1716d ago
By having Halo on the title, it's not going to be a flop.
tdogchristy90  +   1716d ago

The fear is ruining my childhood memory. It's like sand lot 2, I never watched it but I saw/heard enough of it that it ruined my childhood memories of the original.

A CE remake that is tweaked beyond a graphics upgrade and online supports, just being out in the marketplace is a threat to my childhood. Lol. (and I'm only 23)
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SixZeroFour  +   1716d ago
@tdogchristy90 - if you are that worried about its effect on your memory about CE i suggest you dont get it on release date and just wait for reviews and word of mouth from friends or something

as for the game itself, all i want is a graphical update and the online aspect added...they shouldnt touch a thing from the story or gameplay and it will be all good
tdogchristy90  +   1716d ago

I'm not that worried lol, I can handle myself. And yeah I was going to wait and see how it turned out anyway so yeah.

And Yeah I agree on the graphics/online and leaving the rest alone. If they start adding spike grenades and the like I'll be disappointed.
Munky  +   1716d ago

The fear that the remake will lose whatever made the original game so special. To be honest I don't know how 343 will be able to recreate what Halo:CE did for gamers like it did when it came out back in the day. The game was so different from any other game that was out at that time, that anybody who played the game was left in awe. And it wasn't just the graphics(which were amazing at that time), every aspect of the game was top notch.
gamingdroid  +   1716d ago
@tdogchristy90 & @Munky
Fair enough, but you still don't have to buy or play it.

That said, my great memories of Super Mario Bros on the NES isn't quite the same going back playing the original either....
JasonPC360PS3Wii  +   1716d ago
How can Halo HD be worse when it's just the first game in HD? Amazing! If I went to the PS3 side and say something like "GoW HD will suck" my comment would be removed for trolling in less than a minute. Then again I shouldn't be suprised on news 4 sony. Even the mods troll 360 here.
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HolyOrangeCows  +   1715d ago
They've already been leaning towards Call of Duty in the latest installments. That's enough to worry me about what they might do to the classic.

It's not an HD 'REMASTER'; in which, they simply update the original game to play on a new system in HD and likely with higher-res textures.
It's an HD 'REMAKE'; in which they completely remake the game, likely with 'creative liberties'
Not all of the gameplay elements will necessarily be in place.

"Fair enough, but you still don't have to buy or play it"
So you think fans should just shrug their shoulders if the original is screwed up? "Oh well, I was hoping that the remake of one of my favorite games of all time would be good, but oh well :) :)"
gamingdroid  +   1715d ago
First of all, this is all rumor. We don't know if Halo "Remake" or "Remastered HD" even exist or what is "allowed" or not.

Second, yes I believe fans should just move on if they don't like it. Would you rather them not attempt at all?

The original game might be a favorite, but I betcha almost nobody plays the original anymore.

Whatever was special to the fans in the original Halo, doesn't exist anymore nor is it reproducible and if anything the memory of that game will cloud people's judgement in favor of the original.
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Blaze929  +   1716d ago
I don't really see how you can ruin a remake. I mean, it's already done for you...

if they screw this up then may god help the Halo IP
Redgehammer  +   1716d ago
I actually trust 343 not to screw up the game that Bungie built. So far Frank O'Connor, and his crew, have done a great job with Waypoint. Not to mention, the people that 343 has working for it certainly are not in the scrubs category. Corrinne Yu for example is freaking amazing, and just knowing she is on the 343 team gets me excited. I am a perpetual optimist, and believe strongly that the universe of Halo is in great hands.
lategamer  +   1716d ago
Honestly, all these "343i might screw up the franchise," "Only Bungie knows what there doing" blah blah is annoying.

I mean, 343i is an extremely talented group of people. Developers from Bungie, Gearbox, Kojima Productions, etc.!

And their goal? To make Halo and watchover Halo. All Halo Books, DVD's, Games have to have their approval and input. Halo is in 343i DNA, they will create great games.
EVILDEAD360  +   1716d ago
Silly real Halo gamers are stressing over an HD remake of CE
True Halo fans are jumping for joy just like play Silent Cartographer with HD graphics all these years later is one of the greatest ideas yet.

Anyone who has played phenominal God of War collection knows that the HD overhauls are as great as the originals.

If you want to play the original with a slight upgrade..simply put it into your 360 right now and play. Nothing is stopping you. The 360 actually enhance Halo one and 2.

But for the millions of the rest of us Halo fans..To be able to relive the magic with the Reach engine and if we are lucky they recreated all of the cutscenes with Halo Wars type quality..It would be one of the biggest titles next year and an homage to the Star Wars of our video game generation.

343 isn't even developing the title..They are concentrating on the inevitable Halo 4 aka The Return of Master Chief..but whoever does will be heroes if they pull it off

Can't wait to find out at E3

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dragonelite  +   1716d ago
Since when has a halo not deliver.
Dont say ODST the game was awesome but for the non fans overpriced.

And consider the First halo came out 10 years ago.
A lot of the younger gamers around the 16 or so hasn't even played it.

And image playing the best level ever Silent cartographer in reach like graphics. You're flying in the pelican just before you land you see a big fight on the beach and fight your way through it.

aah fuck it a movie says more then a million words

Related video
dragunrising  +   1716d ago
I am also fond of my memories of Halo CE. I played Halo for the first time at an Xbox kiosk at a CompUSA. I was blown away by how great it looked and played. It was also the first time I used dual analog controls. Suffice to say, I came back twice in order to play it again. It was definitely the reason I purchased an Xbox.

With that said, I'm not overly concerned about 343 Industries ruining the game. In all honesty, Halo CE hasn't aged all that well in my eyes. I purchased it off of Xbox Live when it was offered at a discount and with some hesitancy played it again. I could still understand why I was so enthralled with it years ago but some of that magic went away.

Playing any old game again that inspires nostalgia can be a rude awakening when you revisit it. Our memories aren't so reliable as to be infallible and they change as the years pass. We remember the best aspects of the game coupled with the pure joy and awe that we experienced years ago. I guarantee that the first thing you will notice about Halo CE is the Xbox-quality graphics. This in itself doesn't kill the experience but you remember (or at least I do) the game looking much better. The graphics, presentation, interface, level design, etc, etc are all outdated. Don't get me wrong though- Halo CE is one of the better experiences I've had replaying an older (and loved) game. The core game play and real reason it became so popular is intact. My point is that you shouldn't write off a remake until you replay the original.
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Rybakov  +   1716d ago
It would only be a disaster if they actually messed (changed stuff) with the game instead of making a carbon copy in the Reach engine
SJPFTW  +   1716d ago
Some top Bungie employees switched over to 343 industries, such as director Frank O'Connor. So some of the team is made up of those ho originally worked on CE. so no worries
Metfanant  +   1716d ago
Actually i dont think Frankie was there...i believe he signed on during the development of Halo 2
Tripl3seis  +   1716d ago
i dont think they should do it i love that game to me is one of the best games i have ever played and im a fan of the original halo ce i dont want them messing around with one of the great games so nope i think is not good idea.
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xX-StolenSoul-Xx  +   1716d ago
Remakes are so stupid leave the game as it is. Is it so hard just to make a Hd Version like Ps3 been doing on it's classics?

I love halo and i would hate to see a Fail. This is a Recipe for Disaster.
SixZeroFour  +   1716d ago
thats the big this going to be a carbon copy HD remake or a re-imagining
JasonPC360PS3Wii  +   1716d ago
xX-StolenSoul-Xx funny you would say "remakes are stupid" after looking at your profile. You play the God of War remake for PS3? Have any trophies you want to share?
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xX-StolenSoul-Xx  +   1715d ago
If you read what i wrote i said it Hate fullblown remakes. I actually like when they make older games into HD but leaving the game as is.
DaBadGuy  +   1716d ago
I'm hoping we get an announcement at E3 this year. 343 has been working on a Halo Project for some time now, or at least they are believed to have been working on something.

If it's a remake I hope they don't screw it up.

If it's a new game, Halo 4 or otherwise, then I'm more than interested to see what they are going to do with the Halo Universe.
thebudgetgamer  +   1716d ago
just pretty up the graphics and release the damn thing.
Rikan  +   1716d ago
It is not REPLACING Halo CE. If you don`t like it, pop in the original and life goes on. This is a win win situation. Some people...A Halo CE remake with Reach-engine visuals plus all the original maps redone... Yes please. Its a great idea, and so long as they don`t change story, environments, and character design--it`ll be a blast. I`d rather they practice with a CE remake than go in green and mess up Halo 4. There is no issue here: Halo is one of the most successful FPS franchises in history; an HD remake with added multiplayer=business sense that only benefits gamers and the industry.
Rybakov  +   1716d ago
i kinda want them to do a game based off the 3rd book (first strike) which takes place directly after Halo a nice spin off for the games
gaden_malak  +   1716d ago
Remakes can work, look at Resident Evil Remake. I think I enjoyed that more than the original.
Jack-H  +   1716d ago
That's a good point. I think everyone is just worried. I don't think anyone could blame them for being so.
dirthurts  +   1716d ago
Maybe they will add down the sight aiming like every other modern shooter...
It drives me nuts that halo doesn't use that.
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MerkinMax  +   1716d ago
That would not work in Halo!
Here, let me aim down the sights of this needler, oh wait, there's giant pink needles blocking my view. Here, let me aim down the sights of this plasma rifle, oh wait, the top is nothing but a round surface. Here, let me aim down the sights of this assault rifle, oh wait, there's a giant blue ammo counter in my way. I think you get the point.
gypsygib  +   1716d ago
I think iron-sights could work for the guns that already allow you to zoom, so instead of pressing the R3 button you press a trigger but for the other guns leave them as is.

Masterchief wouldn't really suffer recoil considering how strong he is, he theoretically should be able to shoot an assault rifle with one hand like a pistol.
256bit  +   1716d ago
this remake is going to have a sprint feature and iron sights as well.
PandemicPrawn0  +   1716d ago
I'm looking forward to a Halo CE remake.

I'm hopeful that Microsoft & 343 surprise us at E3 with not only a Halo CE remake but a Halo CE / Halo 2 double pack.

I mean, why do one and not the other right?
Metfanant  +   1716d ago
If i had my way it would be a straight port of the original game into the Halo Reach Engine...

do everything they can to re-design the maps/levels by upgrading textures, lighting, particle effects, animations you name it...but the layouts should remain the same...

oh...and the original weapons in Multiplayer please...if the gun wasn't in the original CE...i don't want it in my least in multiplayer...
SweatyFlorida  +   1716d ago
I hope they just re-invision it in new gen paint. The original Halo was a masterpiece, and is inspiring me on the game I'm working on now. If they messed that up by tampering with it, changing what Bungie had started, which is arguably the most loved franchise in history, then they would give Halo and themselves some seriously bad rep.

If they do try to change parts of it, then I hope they work on it and make it the best it can be, and not rush it out. Halo games are looking like COD now, with 1 coming out every year from 3. But with Microsoft against the fence this E3, I hope they don't force 343 to push out Halo so they look good. (unless its just an HD remake)

I don't own an xbox (ps3 user) but I sure don't want my favorite franchise to die out :o So 343 you better get it right!!
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IHateYouFanboys  +   1716d ago
i really dont see the need or point for a Halo:Combat Evolved remake.

the original is there on XBLA for all to buy and play, and it doesnt look *that* bad even today. why waste 12+ months just redoing graphics? sony have been doing HD remakes because the original games dont work on the large majority of PS3s out there - but the large majority of original xbox games work on every 360 out there, so theres no need to do HD remakes. its purely a money making exercise.

i want either Halo 4 or a whole new halo game set in the same universe, not a remake of a still great game.

oh and people asking for iron for a few reasons.

1. iron sights in games like Killzone/COD behave incorrectly. in real life when you put a guns sight up to your eye, it doesnt zoom in. all thats doing is its allowing you to aim more precisely. but in killzone/cod/every other FPS out there, it zooms in even when youre using iron sights or a red dot sight. this is 100% wrong.

2. in halo, the guns were VERY precise - ie. where your reticule was aimed, thats where the bullet hit basically every time. so if its already that accurate, whats the point in looking down the sights? it wont make it *more* accurate than perfectly accurate. thats why no-scope snipering is so awesome in halo - you know exactly where the bullet will go even without scoping. adding 'down the scope' aiming to the guns would offer no benefits at all, as the aiming is as close to dead on as you can get.
SweatyFlorida  +   1716d ago
I think their saying to add ADS to the weapons. Implementing some form of sight onto the weapons while still keeping the look they have.(adding a indentation to the needler/plasma rifle solves its problem) It adds more immersion to the shooter (which is why it zooms a bit in others) Making Halo a tiny bit more realistic and serious wouldn't hurt. You can always fire at the hip and get the same effect, so it's just a matter of preference :0
Redgehammer  +   1716d ago
As long as I can play 16 player online halo 1, I will be in Halo heaven.
earbus  +   1716d ago
Im a fan but have it on pc so even though i like the series just die remakes if i want nostalga ill listen to the beatles.
gypsygib  +   1716d ago
I'd love a Halo remake, all the people who don't like it can just play the original, it's available for download.
Venjense  +   1715d ago
That's so true, a remake can't ruin the original game because you can just go play the original.

Some people on here just like to worry or create issues where non exist. Typical whiney gamers bitching about nothing again.
sin151   1716d ago | Spam
younglj01  +   1716d ago
Im sure MS not going to damage one of their top franchise.Hopefully this remake will set tha bar again just like tha 1st Halo did.
Raven_Nomad  +   1715d ago
It's Halo, most likely supervised by 343 who have many ex Bungie employee's. I am looking forward to finally playing Halo CE over XBL.

Master Chief makes his return!

For those complaining about a remake, it's the 10th anny. They need to bring the original game back that created Halo Mania. I still own the original and when you play it on the 360 you don't even get a widescreen game. HD remake in this case is definitely needed.

When you consider that the Halo CE remake isn't a remastered game, it's a whole new game with a whole new engine, it's easy to get excited.

Plus I know a ton of people who never played the first Halo.
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mcstorm  +   1715d ago
I don't think a remake by 343 will be a flop or that they will mess up the game. Look at goldeneye on the Wii it was a good remake of the game even though it was not done by rare. But 343 have some orignal halo staff working for them. Plus I think it would be good to see another studio work on halo to see what they can bring to the table. But MS also know that halo is there big game so I don't think they would let 343 bring out a game that can not live up to the halo name.

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