Sonys Eye Create

The interface looks nice and organized and has big visible buttons reducing confusing on where to go to if you want to record voice or what not. There's pop-up instructions and what looks like simple drop-in sound effects/music. This is looking pretty cool so far, can't wait till they show off more.

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wageslave3774d ago

Who wants to edit video on an arcade console? That is what Personal Computers are for -- and they do it vastly better, for less money.

What a waste of time.

wil4hire3773d ago

... Oh wait...

Get back in your cave troglodyte

Prismo_Fillusion3773d ago

I don't want to play videogames on my telephone!

(just for the record)

Shenzilbur3773d ago

You do realize that Eye Create is free yes? Also it would be lovely to make good videos from the PS3 with all the cool stuff you can do with it. Oh and that user friendly interface is quite welcome too.

Skerj3773d ago

I do!! Mine can play emulators o_O.

andy0013773d ago

Yeah, you wouldn't catch Red vs Blue doing something like that would you, or Halo 3 players recording and editing their favourite moments from multiplayer.

No siree, no way, not ever, what a stupid idea ;o)

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LeonSKennedy4Life3773d ago

EyeCreate was free. How much extra did Microsoft add to the final cost of XP to put Movie Maker on there?

Gordii3773d ago

Playstation 3 is just another PC ^^. Which i dont mind running linux and playing nintendo games on it :) People wine and moan about this new feature.. STFU... if you dont like it do what your momma told you if you have nothing nice to say dont comment at all. This is just a feature for us PS3 fans to share with friends probably over PSN. I dont diss the Xbox 360 so keep your mouth shut. This is a gaming info website not to diss systems la la la. I come here to actually read news not to hear you complain how xbox ps3 or wii is better.

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