The King Nintendo Fanboy’s E3 2011 3DS Predictions

RipTen: The 3DS is going to have a great showing at E3 this year. Last year Nintendo revealed the 3DS but didn’t have many playable games to show off.

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CrzyFooL2488d ago

60% of the time, youre right every time :-p

SpaceSquirrel2488d ago

I'm excited to see more of Super Mario 3DS

jaredhart2488d ago

I predict a good E3....OOOOOOOH YEEEEAAH!

cbakehorn2488d ago

I am not sure how much "new" information we will see on some of these titles (particularly Ocarina 3D, which comes out right after E3) but I wouldn't be surprised to see Animal Crossing either.

Game of Show might be Mario 3DS for me. It looks so incredible.

-Mezzo-2488d ago

I hope some good games are shown, Just so i can pick up the 3DS.

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