More Operation Raccoon City Details Surface writes, "A few months back, we helped break the news on the very first official information regarding Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City. Today, we're back with a good bit more of information for the upcoming zombie shooter being developed by Slant Six."

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Jack-H2638d ago

Although obviously not a real(sic) RE game, I'm still keeping my eyeball on this.

MrAgreeman2638d ago (Edited 2638d ago )

I'm sorry but this looks like a load of crap. I mean for example just one of the many things about this game invisibility

I think if Umbrella had invisibility tec Wesker wouldn't of went down that easy, actually he would still be alive.

What bugs me the most is that it's SlantSix, out of all the American developers Capcom go with them. Why don't you guys just focus on RE6 instead of letting crap developers make your highly popular games.

If I see multiplayer or co-op in RE6 after this piece of crap then I'm sorry but Capcom what was the actual point of this nobody even liked the co-op/multiplayer in RE5 so why make it a seperate game. The only reason I can think of is if Capcom don't put these two things in RE6

Rybakov2638d ago

haha zombies can use humans as shields......little do they know i dont care what there holding resident evil has taught me to always aim for the head.....Leon a shining example of that