Duke Nukem Exists: Redditor Claims to Have Duke Nukem Forever

A member of Reddit claims to have gotten their hands on Duke Nukem Forever. Does pics really mean it did happen? All hail the king, baby!

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Kon2635d ago

I still have my doubts if this game will ever be released...

egidem2635d ago

Unless that's a joke, then here's proof that it WILL be released:

Blaze9292635d ago

Detox will come out before this game....nah, who the hell are we kidding - that album is never coming out!

Brash_Attack2635d ago

I'll trade you 3 DNF releases for 1 Detox release.

mttrackmaster382635d ago

Dre has two official singles out and we still don't have a release date. He might as well scrap it cus it won't live up to expectations. At least no one expects dnf to be game of the year.

Spitfire_Riggz2635d ago

Detox is the equivalent to Gran Turimso 5. Keep trying to get perfection he is only going to disappoint if he keeps delaying it =(

Rybakov2635d ago

ugh as much as i enjoyed it way back when....i was a kid.....i grew up i still think this game is gonna suck....but sell like hot cakes.....then get traded in at how bad it is

if were bringing back old games....rare should bring back conker...i miss that crazy squirrel

wallis2635d ago

I think...that you should maybe....stop using makeshit... punctuation. You know... commas work...just as well...right?

Also...can't really judge quality...till we've Let's be...honest... we all want...this game to...rock. So why not...stay a little...optimistic.

And if...we're putting out old games we' to see rebooted...I'm gonna....say carmageddon.

yamzilla2635d ago

it looks to be one of the largest turds droped on gaming since turok evolution or shaq-fu

this game looks, plays, and sounds like it was made by an indie team overnight

Rybakov2635d ago

thannk you, least im not the only one who feels this way

JellyJelly2635d ago (Edited 2635d ago )

Gearbox has a solid track record though. Brothers in arms and Borderlands were good games. I wouldn't write them off so fast.

mttrackmaster382635d ago

Gearbox is only finishing the game up. They probably didn't even do 20% of it. The next duke nukem game however will be the shit.

Venox20082635d ago

@mttrackmaster38 yes gearbox are just finishing it, but there is a chance that new Duke game (not DN:forever wil be good too) :)

mttrackmaster382635d ago

This game will be a guilty pleasure..... I'm still gonna wait for the price to go down first. WAAAAAYYYY down.

Jack-H2635d ago

You got that right man! lol

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The story is too old to be commented.