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Submitted by user9422077 1714d ago | news

Pachter: PS Vita “The Dumbest Name Ever”

The NGP’s real name is rumored to be PlayStation Vita, which is otherwise known as (in Latin/Italian) PlayStation Life. While the name may have been misinterpreted for a codename of the NGP before it was revealed, Veta, recent images appeared to seemingly confirm the handheld’s official name as PS Vita. Michael Pachter, however, doesn’t think so highly of it. (NGP, PS Vita, PSP)

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Max_Dissatisfaction  +   1714d ago
Oh no Patcher...what have you done?? The beast was sleeping and you woke it!
Prepare to be insulted more than you ever have. Also now they are going to rally up, put up a united front and agree that VITA is the most innovative, refreshing name for a console and that SONY is once again breaking new frontiers and the media is too stupid to realise this.
Here we go
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Focker420  +   1714d ago
I actually agree with him. I really hate the name, I thought NGP sounded way better than 'Vita'.

PS Vita doesn't exactly roll off the tongue does it??
thrasherv3  +   1714d ago
Yeah, I agree. Same thing with kinect. I thought Natal was so much better
RedDead  +   1714d ago
Hmm, think of it as PSV then, Vita sounds shi*, I mean a console called Vita? I just don't see how or why they could come up with it, NGP's full name isn't good either. Next gen portable, very blunt name...straight to the point haha. NGP and PSV are good.

I don't like either NATAL or Kinect...They ain't terrible...just mediocre
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Abash  +   1714d ago
I like the name, but people are going to just call it the "PSV" anyways so it doesnt matter
rabidpancakeburglar  +   1714d ago
There aren't many days when he says something and people agree, I bet he's having a party now.
-Alpha  +   1714d ago
How about the Sony Stallion, AKA the Sony Pwny?

Tagline: Something about its horsepower

What bothers me about Vita is that I just want to put an 's' in there somewhere. Sounds like it's missing a letter or two, and the "a" ending makes it sound feminine. It doesn't sound raw and powerful enough...

Ah whatever, it's just a name, people will get used to it. Just call it the PSV or use a marker over the 'Vita' if you aren't used to it by then.
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Peppino7  +   1714d ago
Its definitely not the worst, but its also definitely not the best lol.
user2285916   1714d ago | Spam
Peppino7  +   1714d ago
Its not the worst but its its definitely not the best lol.
captain-obvious  +   1714d ago
its a dumb name but i've seen worse
a_squirrel  +   1714d ago
You don't say PlayStation Portable, and then diss the portable part, just like you don't say Dual-Screen for Nintendo DS.

Seriously, PSV rolls off nice. Either say that, or just Vita. It works.
sikbeta  +   1714d ago
Just 2 things, first, Pachter, you're a lame-@ss douche-bag and second, you're kind of right, I don't think it's the dumbest name ever, but It don't like that name at all, Day One regardless...
BattleAxe  +   1714d ago | Intelligent
They could just call it the PSV, because this is actually the 5th(V) model for the PSP.

PSP 1000
PSP 2000
PSP 3000
gamingdroid  +   1714d ago
Initially I thought Kinect wasn't a very good name and that Natal was better. Now that I look back, I was wrong! Kinect actually makes much more sense and sounds better.

I'm hoping Vita will do the same, but right now it evokes feelings of an overpriced vitamin added water named "vitamin water"... oh, and it for some reason sounds very snobby.
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SuperLupe  +   1714d ago
Am I the only one who thinks "PS Vita" is cool ? Sounds a lot less nerdier than PSP or NGP.

Moreover its clear Sony are going for a more consumer friendly name like Nintendo with the "Wii".
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Reibooi  +   1714d ago
Yeah I have to agree. I would have liked NGP or simply PSP2(they just added a number for consoles so why not hand held?)

Vita just sounds odd.(but then again so did Wii until everyone got used to it) Until they confirm the name I'll just keep calling it the NGP.
Anon1974  +   1714d ago
I remember when Pachter's opinion actually mattered. There was a time when he was the go to guy for reports on companies within the game industry for brokers and fund managers. Those detailed reports always dealt with facts, examined industry trends - they were actually insightful and useful for investment professionals.

How the times have changed. Now the guy's just a mouthpiece, shooting off BS about whatever's in the news on the industry. Nintendo Wii? Pachter hated it, didn't get it at all. WWII shooters, they won't sell! Don't understand the facination with that war. And prediction after false prediction. I bet the guy isn't even involved in the detailed analysis Wedbush Morgan. I can't see they'd let this talking head anywhere near the detailed research they sell to brokerage houses anymore.

Now he's spouting off about naming rumors. Pachter's been a joke for years now.
Ilikegames76  +   1714d ago
Sounds like a vitamin drink or something like NesVita. Why not just name it PSP2 or PSPro.
cannon8800  +   1714d ago
When Nintendo released their Nintendo wii console everyone was making fun of the name. But now it's just another console with a name. It's not that big of a deal guys. It's not the same as naming your first born child anusface."
tehpees3  +   1714d ago
Pachter says the dumbest things ever. people should stop asking this guy what he thinks because NOBODY CARES!
EeJLP-  +   1714d ago
Why do people keep posting this guy's BS 'news'.

His news and predictions are always obvious and what everybody else is expecting or thinking anyway.

Like Vita is a dumb name. Yea, we knew this like 3 days ago.. not news, and we don't need to have it confirmed from Pratcher.
MintBerryCrunch  +   1714d ago
watch people easily mispronounce the system...some will call it V-EEEta others will call it V-IIIta

you dont want consumers doing that with your product
SuperM  +   1714d ago
I like this name. It opens up for some great taglines. "GET A LIFE!"
HappyGaming  +   1714d ago
Plus Vita is the correct pronanciation of Beta in Greek :-/


The second letter in Greek is not pronounced B its V... Greek letter for V is B and for B we you MP :-/

So maybe it is Playstation Vita as in the second one... number 2.
gaffyh  +   1714d ago
PSV sounds good, Vita does not. They should just call it PSP2, but maybe they're trying to do what the Wii did and come up with such a weird name.
HolyOrangeCows  +   1714d ago
So what did Pachter originally think of "Wii"?

90% of the time, the absolute opposite of what Pachter says happens. I'm sure "Vita" will go over well.
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Bull5hifT  +   1714d ago
Should call it the "REVOLUTION".... Sounds better than Pii or the iTAMPON
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mugoldeneagle03  +   1714d ago
It's not that bad...
It's the fifth console from Sony, hence the V. PSV. So they obviously tried to find the best work that started with a V, and Vita was probably some of the least dumbest ones.

Or at least that's what I like to think.

It is completely different than the PSP though. Different format, touch panels, 3G, etc. Calling it PSP2 would only make direct comparisons when Sony's only trying to leave it behind...

EDIT: I see someone above already posted it. Nice
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ChickeyCantor  +   1714d ago
But how do you say it?

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Dee_91  +   1714d ago
yea I agree I dont like the name either

But its just a name ...
evrfighter1  +   1714d ago
PSP Vita lol

soon to be endorsed by Ricky Martin
MaxXAttaxX  +   1713d ago
No one ever wrote or said "PlayStation Portable".
It's always been referred to as "PSP".
The chances of this new system being called simply "PSV" are guaranteed.

Making ignorant comments as usual. You associated a single everyday word with a musical artist(and in the wrong language) to take another shot at Sony. Fantastic /s
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kikizoo  +   1713d ago
I also prefer NGP, but "dumbest name ever" when wii, kinect, natal, etc etc are accepted (by him), it's really the dumbest statement a guy can make about "vita" (only rumored for now)

patcher, the dumbest expert ever.
Sarcasm  +   1713d ago
I have to agree with the notion that PS Vita sounds extremely stupid.

Why the hell cant they just stick to the tradition and just call the damn thing PSP2
gta2800  +   1712d ago
NGP would of been a great name if it rose above the 3DS cause then we can literally call it NGP=Nintendo Got Pwned.
Misterhbk  +   1714d ago | Well said
Dumbest name ever? You don't think thats a little harsh?

I mean come on we've got the
'Neo Geo Pocket'

much dumber names in my opinion. Even if you don't like the name or you like any of the aforementioned names, doesn't change the fact that they're stupid.

EVERYONE bashed the Wii's name when it released, but people just got used to it. Get over it because you guys will all get over the name eventually. Even if you don't like it.

Or what? You're not gonna buy it because you don't like the name? In which case you have bigger issues to worry about.
RBlaze  +   1714d ago
lol!! The way you included Pachter in the silly name thing was actually classic! I've read that start bit you wrote three times and honestly laughed each time!!

I know the comment i've put here actually reads like i'm being sarcy but i'm not. That has actually made me get out of bed (it's 2am here in the UK and i was just mindlessly surfing the web) just to type this comment!
GodHandDee  +   1714d ago
Well said!
a_squirrel  +   1714d ago
Agreed @above
Misterhbk  +   1714d ago
I see disagree's and normally I don't even respond to the fact that I've got disagrees because quite frankly, who cares? But this time I'm honestly just a little curious.

Are there people out there that think any of the names I mentioned above are cool? In the end their just names so it doesn't even matter if the product is good, but those names are far from cool.
Tachyon_Nova  +   1714d ago
What about Randy Pitchford or Reggie Fils-Aime? They have got to be worse than Patcher.
Active Reload  +   1714d ago
"Are there people out there that think any of the names I mentioned above are cool? In the end their just names so it doesn't even matter if the product is good, but those names are far from cool."

Well, they're better than Vita...
Ilikegames76  +   1714d ago
How about Dick Wang or Lady Gaga? In a certain language "Gaga" is the lady version of "Gago". Which mean stupid or idiot.
JMyers  +   1714d ago
Hahaha! Although I dislike the name, I was going to write... "No, Patcher is the worst name ever"... LOL. Although I have nothing against him.

the name will grow on us just like the Wii, Natal, Kinect and all the other crap. Vita sounds more like Vista... I think the it should be called the PSP Touch or simple... PSP2.
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gta2800  +   1714d ago
You just made me realize that Sony can't call it NGP anyway...there's already a NGP...Neo Geo Pocket! :P
evrfighter1  +   1714d ago
I'm sorry but Neo Geo is probably the best gaming name to date.

i mean sit and think "play station" sounds like the corner of a classroom where a bunch of 4 year olds in preschool go.
telekineticmantis  +   1714d ago
you are such a poser
pretending anybody here is more of a fanboy then you are...smh. I see most people here being more objective and critcal of Sony then any toher system out there. Microsoft fans seem to pretend everything Microsoft does is good. Compare the Backlash Sony got from Sony fans for The PS move compared to the Kinect. Microsoft fans were praying for Kinect integration while Sony fans were Cursing Sony warning them about making their games Casual.

Since Sony seems to be providing quality games this year everybody wants to get upset when the fans recognize it...smh.

OK EVERYBODY when Sony shows a good game or some good hardware, let's smile only on the inside and keep quite, so we can spare the feelings of those that don't have the system or prefer a different one OK? Agreed.
Carnage  +   1714d ago
LOL they are just talking about the "supposed" title. They aren't bashing on the hardware.
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egidem  +   1714d ago
PlayStation Vita just sounds...weird. I'm calling PlayStation Life.
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iPad  +   1714d ago
just call it PSP2
JMyers  +   1714d ago
I know right?!! By the way, why call yourself iPad? Now thats a dumb name right there... I kid, I kid.
darthawesome90  +   1714d ago
Dumbest name ever? No it isn't. Remember the 360 jokes about going in circles or the "I'm going to go play with my Wii Wii" jokes?

Nobody thinks the name 360 or Wii is dumb because they are now successful and people are used to the names.

I don't like the name Vita but it's not the dumbest.
#1.6 (Edited 1714d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(7) | Report | Reply
kneon  +   1714d ago
Successful or not the Wii name still sounds dumb. Can't really complain about the 360 name, it's just a number with little significance beyond matching the number of degrees in a circle.
midgard227  +   1714d ago
funny, Im sure the Wii is the stupidest name ever
MiloGarret  +   1714d ago
It may sound silly but the name wii is not stupid. A console developed particularly with a social aspect in mind is called Wii= makes sense.
A portable gaming console supposedly developed for a broad audience, including the hardcore, called Playstation Life= No sense.

Pachter is right.
GarandShooter  +   1713d ago
@ StupidSega

Nice try. How about Playstation Life for a console that can allow you to play some of your home console games while on the go actually living your...wait for Makes more sense when you don't try to pigeon hole it.

I'm not crazy about nor do I care about the name. Whatever it is it will be abbreviated. I care about the performance, features and games.
lil Titan  +   1714d ago
I swear people and names, does not effect what the product does. I'm not a fan of the name but if that's there choice to call it that it's not gonna make me change my mind on if I buy it or not. I hate stupidity this is just another chance to shoot at Sony.
prdn  +   1714d ago
That considered a girly name here in Indonesia. Hope they won't call the PS4 'britney' or 'Julia'.
Welshy  +   1714d ago
every time pachter opens his big stupid mouth this is what i hear...

Related video
Undeadwolfy  +   1714d ago
This is what I hear...

Related video
fuckoffodion  +   1714d ago
Of course the first comment has to be from a troll.

Wii, Kinect and now vita. Weird names but people gets use to it.
SixShotCop  +   1714d ago
"Of course the first comment has to be from a troll"

Isn't the first comment 99% of the time a troll? Who else would live on this site, waiting for a new article?

Kinect articles are a great example.
Frak  +   1714d ago
Max_Dissatisfaction.... Hmmm.... 360 owner I presume?
dragunrising  +   1714d ago
Wake up! In what sense does Vita make sense as a word for awesome gaming handheld? It doesn't or at least it doesn't yet. The PSP2 as I hope its called is a premium handheld experience; its not a bottled water. If Sony use the name Vita, they better have a very good explanation for it, otherwise people are going to be confused.

My theory: "Vita" is the name for some other product or service related to NGP/PSP2. Perhaps its the operating system or the name of the modified chip in the system. In the PS2, Sony refered to the CPU as the Emotion Engine. Vita engine? I'm just speculating...

Edit: Remember when people found out Nintendo's "Revolution" was to be named the Wii...and all the backlash- perhaps Sony will call NGP, Vita for a similar reason. The name is both unique and unspoken for in the electronics realm.
#1.13 (Edited 1714d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
miDnIghtEr  +   1714d ago
LMAO @Max... that's EXACTLY what's going to happen! :D
bnaked  +   1714d ago
The name is simple and unforgetable. Great choice from Sony.
Treyb3yond  +   1714d ago
Hahaha pachter has nintendos c*ck in one hand and
Microsofts in the other!

Who cares about a name?? if pachter did, he would be more concerned about a console called "wii"
Firebird360  +   1714d ago
This might be the only time I ever agree with patchter, the name is terrible. NGP OR PSP2 is what it will hopefully end up being called.
dantesparda  +   1714d ago
What is with these companies constantly pumping out these retarded names? WTF! Kinect!? Instead of Natal. Wii!? instead of Revolution. Xbox 360, instead of Xbox 2 or Xbox Next and now Vita instead of NGP or PSP2! WTF! companies! They wanted to change Coles look in Infamous 2, they did change Dantes look in the new DMC. And the list goes on and on. What is with these companies? Do they even know what they are doing anymore?
stuntman_mike  +   1713d ago
PS Ryvita yum yum.
ThePsychoGamer  +   1714d ago
He must have never heard of the boner

A product for deboning fish
Tony-Red-Grave  +   1714d ago
not while im drinking juice rolflmmfao
Rahim92  +   1714d ago
you mean the Boner ?

it helps a lot
LoaMcLoa  +   1714d ago
Vita also means "the white" in Swedish..

Are Sony racists!? x)
Tripl3seis  +   1714d ago
here we go with this dude he needs to shut up thats what he needs to do.
uncharted56  +   1714d ago
why does he needs to shut up?
he is entitled to his opinion, and has the right to criticize. please make a different argument about him.
Tripl3seis  +   1714d ago
i get that bro but for real to call the thing the worst name ever heck we dont even noe if is going to be the final name for the device com on bro lets wait for E3 for confirmation.
Kon_Artist  +   1714d ago
Why do people listen to this guy, 99% of the time he says something it turns out to be the opposite of what he says. so by calling vita stupid,a lot of people will like the name
Tripl3seis  +   1714d ago
I personally like the name is pretty cool imo but ur right on what u said tho btw I agree with u.
Istanbull  +   1714d ago
I feel you bro, and the disagree fairies are hard at work again I see.
MultiConsoleGamer  +   1714d ago
Has Pachter ever been right about anything? Ever?
sak500  +   1714d ago | Helpful
Yes he was when he said he was wrong..
Sonyslave3  +   1714d ago
let just call it vegeta lol with a price tag over 9000!!!!
KingSlayer  +   1714d ago
I don't play names. I play games. Call it PS Dog Fart, I don't care.
remanutd55  +   1714d ago
neither do i , i do care about the system games , functionalities ( specially online functionalities ) psn friends on the go ... im in
a_squirrel  +   1714d ago
For some reason, I read:
"Call of Duty PlayStation Dog Fart".

jizzyjones  +   1714d ago
It is a truly horrendous name, straight away all i could think of was 'Rivita biscuits', it makes NPG sound much better than what it is.
kookie  +   1714d ago
vita biscuits
BornToKill   1714d ago | Bad language | show
Kee  +   1714d ago
Vita is fine. NGP was just a working title for it anyway. They said that, remember?

EDIT: the disagree fairies are at it again, look, they did say that it's a codename.
#10 (Edited 1714d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
MMFGaming  +   1714d ago
I kinda like Vita.

Alludes to "vitality" and it keeps it in the same theme as other Sony properties, like Vio.
ALFAxD_CENTAURO  +   1714d ago
Laptops Vaio?
MMFGaming  +   1714d ago
Ah, yes, Vaio --pardon the spelling error
kjordanreyna  +   1714d ago
Most of these guys are sensationalists. And not experts by any means.
KwietStorm  +   1714d ago
I believe the title should read, 'Pachter: Dumbest analyst ever.'

And I remember quite a lot of people liking the name Nintendo Revolution instead of Wii.
ExitToExisT  +   1714d ago
why not just call it psp 2 , huh sony?
Tony-Red-Grave  +   1714d ago
because its not a pap? it is in the traditional sense maybe but numbering your products is generic and aterwhile it becomes stupid
doctorstrange  +   1714d ago
I'm guessing
It's the same reason MS went with 360 rather than Xbox 2 - they were worried it'd sound behind PS3.

3DS, iPhone 4 (maybe 5/4S) means that they don't want a 2.
skrug  +   1714d ago
having 4 syllable as short form doesnt sound that good or roll off the tongue that well.

PSP - 3 syllables
DS - 2 syllables
3DS - 3 syllables
Wii - 1 syllables
PS3 - 3 syllables
360 - 3 syllables, you dont see people calling it x360 or not many.
ALFAxD_CENTAURO  +   1714d ago
Like if the name will affect the Gameplay or Games?
#15 (Edited 1714d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
PRHB HYBRiiD  +   1714d ago
names matter ...i liked NGP better it sounded more serious idk....vita sounds like a vegetarian handheld console of some kind
Joni-Ice  +   1714d ago
But people made fun of NGP when it was announced too however everyone got use to it.
ElementX  +   1714d ago
Vita sounds like a supplement company or something.
RockmanII7  +   1714d ago
Since Patcher said its the dumbest name ever, doesn't that mean it's the best name ever then?
solidjun5  +   1714d ago
lol. +1
That was funny.
a_squirrel  +   1714d ago
It did make me laugh.... *bubbles*
_Empath_  +   1714d ago
Yeah, naming it after a actual word that has a beautiful message which is life in Italian is really stupid /s. No wonder everyone in the world thinks U.S is a joke. Here is the kicker Kinect is connect spelled Kinect (faceplam) and the Wii isn't even a word and sounds like something you would call a baby penis but there cool rofl.
#18 (Edited 1714d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(9) | Report | Reply
Jack-H  +   1714d ago
I'm sorry? Why do you care if people don't like it? What a cry baby. This isn't about the Kinect(silly name imo) or the Wii(sillier name imo) This is about the Pita. And if you really "rofloled" after typing that then you are a silly goose.

Because SOME people choose not to look at the name for a gaming device as "beautiful" something's wrong with America? You probably HAVE a baby penis.
#18.1 (Edited 1714d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
_Empath_  +   1714d ago
Thank you I guess? Thanks for wasting my time lol. Yeah, I'm to busy driving to come up with a better one.
#18.1.1 (Edited 1714d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(8) | Report
Jack-H  +   1714d ago
Good comeback, dork.
Happythedog  +   1714d ago
Dude your comebacks are lame "dork" I'm embrassed for you lol. America is pretty stupid Justin Bieber, Talyor Swift and Twilight prove that point also what if his dick is bigger then yours? You would feel really stupid.

Also he is driving and your probably at home typing wearing dbz tshirt so he wins automatically.
Rikan  +   1713d ago
Mom and Dad say go out and get some air. You know how you get when you spend too much time indoors...
user2285916   1714d ago | Spam
uncharted56  +   1714d ago
I really hope they come up with a better name, one thats more appealing. NGP while better then this name, was still generic though.
to sell ngp they need:
marketing, specially tv ads (not yet)
good product/hardware (check)
good software lineup (check)
attractive looking hardware (check)
catchy or a good name (fail)
affordable price range (not known)
DAS692  +   1714d ago
Hey mike... suck on my right nut... we don't care!
yamzilla  +   1714d ago
no, that would be patcher

he comes from a long line of shit pipe patchers, and yet he himself, has never learned his ancestrial trait of stoping the shitstream from flowing.

So not only his he a failure at his chosen career, he is a disgrace to his namesake.
Jack-H  +   1714d ago
That's your opinion and you're entitled to it. I personally think WIIIIIIIIIII was/is the worst name. But look at how that sold.
CrackHeadGamer   1714d ago | Spam
BeastlyRig  +   1714d ago
"PS Vita" sounds kinda homosexual.. I think.
a_squirrel  +   1714d ago
Get your face outta the gutter.
Happythedog  +   1714d ago
Nah, Dragon ball Z, X-men and Gears of War are homesexual. Buff guys walking around in spandex or armor all sweaty and stuff, the camera always pans to there asses that is homosexual.

A word can't be homosexual execpt homosexual, gay and the f words.

Edit: Also Twilight is homosexual can't believe my girl made me watch that crap.
#25.2 (Edited 1714d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
TBONEJF  +   1714d ago
radphil  +   1714d ago
Naming the NGP to PS Vita was dumb, but naming Revolution to the Wii is ok?

You might as well consider both silly, or both ok.
#27 (Edited 1714d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
HardCover  +   1714d ago
Wii is a brilliant name for what Nintendo was going for though. Revolution would have been ideal for a hardcore oriented console, but it's clear that's not what Nintendo was going for. Wii > Revolution, considering how things turned out.
Frosty1988UK  +   1714d ago
This Patcher guy doesn't really have much weight. May as well have been article about how my milkman thinks Playstations are for girls. Saying that, I have one so he may have a point... x

P.S. I vote for PS Dog Fart rather the PS Vita.
SwiftArsonist  +   1714d ago
I think people will get used to it. Like Wii, Ipad etc. Its the hardware and games what counts.
josh14399  +   1714d ago
it is a bad name.
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