Gamer’s Guide To Tablets: iPad vs. Android


"It’s a time of transition for gaming. For the last few decades we’ve had a clear-cut selection of devices for gaming: computers, consoles, handhelds and arcade machines.

Yet, within just the last 3 years we’ve seen the boundaries of what is considered a gaming machine utterly obliterated as ownership of smartphones, tablets and mp3 players grew exponentially, bringing with them the processing power necessary to power gaming experiences comparable to dedicated handhelds and even consoles...

While there’s still a large degree of skepticism around tablets, the following guide should give you an idea of what you can expect from the two major competing tablet operating systems (Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android Honeycomb), and what each will provide for you as a gamer.

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Proeliator2672d ago

Was never too keen on tablets, but for anyone who likes them, this will undoubtedly help!

gaminoz2672d ago

I've often wondered at the technical and gaming differences between the two...this was really helpful!

BadCircuit2672d ago

I'm going to buy an Android tablet, but didn't realise that I needed honeycomb for it to be good.

Awesome easy explanations!

fluffydelusions2672d ago (Edited 2672d ago )

Android tablets w/ honeycomb > iPad all day long

REALgamer2672d ago

At least we have choice now!

My dad loves his iPad to bits. I'd go with Honeycomb if a few more tablet games and apps were available for it.

Probably give it a year to mature and take the plunge.

gaminoz2672d ago

Actually I'm a fan of iPad, though I can see why people would prefer Android. I just like the simplicity!!!

beast242tru2672d ago

i would buy the android over the ipad for lots of reasons usb support its more open and i get to choose the brand i want and the ipad is expensive

BadCircuit2671d ago

Well Apple doesn't support Flash, so that's a big problem. Don't know about Android?