Battlefield 3 vs Modern Warfare 3: Who will win the “media hype” battle? writes "Now that the embargos of the most recent Activision press event has been uplifted, it would appear that every website featuring a Modern Warfare 3 preview has nothing negative to say about the title. In fact, all of them praise Infinity Ward for what seems or at least “they” believe to be a worthy campaign mode. Keep in mind, this is your same media that just a few months back was all over the Battlefield 3 bandwagon by saying how BF3 is the best thing since slice bread but now “they” are making it seem like Modern Warfare 3 is the best thing since slice bread.

Which is why I propose the question to you; between EA’s Battlefield 3 and Activision’s Modern Warfare 3, who do you think will win the media hype battle? Not which will sell more, be the better game, or receive the higher review scores. I mean between E3 2011 and launch, who do you think the media would favor the most?"

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ArchangelMike2669d ago

Basically you're asking, 'between EA and Activision, which company will spend more on marketing?'. Well I'll have to say Activision. The Modern warfare series has become The 800lb gorilla. Look at the launch hype that surrounded MW2 and Black Ops. Then look at he launch hype that surrounded Medal of Honour... exactly.

Now if you ask which will be the better game, personally my money will be on Battlefield 3.

Shackdaddy8362669d ago

EA said they are planning on marketing the shit out of battlefield so we'll have to see...

GameZenith2669d ago

No, I'm not asking which company will spend more on marketing. What I'm asking is between the online media [videogame websites], which game do you think will see the most hype?

A few months ago every videogame website at GDC was talking about how intriguing BF3 was. Now it appears they are saying the exact same thing with MW3. It is clear that the media's influence will play a large role in determining which game does the best this fall. With that said, which game do you think will receive the most "bump" from the websites.

ArchangelMike2669d ago (Edited 2669d ago )

From the article "videogame media is nothing more than a marketing tool for developers and publishers to hype their games through. With games such as Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3, nothing would be different. When you are invited to an exclusive event by a big time publisher with paid airfare, luxurious hotel, and treated like a rockstar, it is no wonder why websites and magazines always comes back from these events with nothing but positive things to say, even if the game(s) shown were average or even below average."

Now if this is a factor in how much hype is generated among the video game media, then my initial post stands. I beleive Activision/MW3 will be able to generate more media hype than EA/Battlefield3. I think the MW crowd will also be a big factor in generating hype for MW3 as well, they are like sheep on crack.

AKissFromDaddy2669d ago

I believe Battlefield 3 will win the media hype.

IRetrouk2669d ago

i think there will be more hype for mw3 although battlefield will be the better game, by a mile i think.

RockmanII72669d ago

I think Battlefield 3 will be marketed more but MW3 will sell more because of the people who will buy it no matter what.

gamerzBEreal172669d ago

lol im so suprised at the people saying battle field 3
okay try posting a battle field 3 guns leaked! and then posting a MW3 guns leaked...and see the differnt's BY THE PEOPLE ON N4G! THE PEOPLE WHO HATE ON COD 24/7!

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