What Kinect Owners Hope To See At E3

Fred of UltimateGameGorilla writes: As a fairly happy Kinect owner I must admit that I am looking with great interest at what Microsoft will be offering this year at E3. Now I already went over a list of things I think Microsoft will break out this year, there were some Kinect titles in there, but I believe the Microsoft conference will spend a lot of time on Kinect, it's games and features. Last year unlike a lot of haters, I knew Microsoft was onto something with Kinect. Granted it's launch titles weren't that impressive but that's not all that uncommon for a new console or device.


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asphogears2606d ago

Interesting article. I do not have a Kinect but if some high quality core games come out for it then I might get one.

RBlaze2606d ago

I think its a good piece of kit. And it does work! But yeah, I do understand why people are on the fence about it as so far there has been nothing like, non party oriented.

Just keep an open mind though, guys! When something appears on it that you think looks ok, give it a whirl as you might enjoy it :).

Only bad thing I can say about the article is the misuse of the word "it's"...

Tony P2606d ago

Kinect killer app. Someone make it so.

Venjense2605d ago

If that happened I'd get one but from my experience with Kinect it's seems very limited control-wise. I'm not sure a game with any gameplay depth could work with it alone.

Raven_Nomad2606d ago

Looking forward to seeing what Microsoft has up it's sleeve software wise.

_Empath_2606d ago

Hope we get more dancing games.

IRetrouk2606d ago

if they actually show me something that hasnt been done on eyetoy then i will def buy one, not trolling just havnt seen anything that sets it apart, so far.

Max_Dissatisfaction2606d ago (Edited 2606d ago )

Kinect is an evolution of eyetoy just as Move is an evolution of Wiimote. So far all Move does is be more accurate than Wiimote and glow in the dark, no new experiences there either
Edit: Move was just an example, don't get your knickers in a twist.
Did I say anything bad about Move? Why you being defensive?
And by the way, lol @ you actually playing Eyetoy games

IRetrouk2606d ago (Edited 2606d ago )

nobody mentioned move but you, has nothing to do with what i said or the article, i just cant justify the price for something i played a decade ago, they said it was revolutionary so let me see it.

not at all my friend, but we were talking about kinect, move has got no real software either, but i quess because of my kratos pic you assumed that i would atomaticaly defend move, not the case im afraid, and yes i played eyetoy when it first came out years ago, so far its already done every game and more that kinect has. and just for your info, its move thats an evolution of eyetoy not kinect.

Tony P2606d ago

We don't need to rehash the Kinect/Eyetoy debate. Everyone knows or should know it's different on a technical level.

But I do understand the comparison when you look at the software. What have they really done with software to accentuate the differences? Not much.

I'm not buying Kinect until it gets a killer app. I've bought more than enough useless peripherals from the other console makers over the years.

Ult iMate2606d ago (Edited 2606d ago )

@ Tony P
"Everyone knows or should know it's different on a technical level."

Yeah. But on a gameplay level it's still exactly the same s..t, that was on EyeToy.

lowcarb2606d ago

I understand people are waiting for some good games on kinect before purchasing one. What I do not get is how your going to attack someone when your the person bringing up eyetoy.heck it wasn't mentioned in the article so no reason to start screaming about that old tech camera.

Just_The_Truth2606d ago

but the difference with the move/wiimote and the kinect is they have proven to be a great control scheme that will work with current games. where as Sony tried eyetoy and realised the limitation of having no controller. so kinect is an upgrade of an already tried and failed system which is an evolution but in the wrong direction.

Venjense2605d ago

Killzone 3 offered a new gaming experience for me, FPS games are actually really great with it.

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asphogears2606d ago

The technology behind Kinect is actually pretty revolutionary. I do not own one but I have played it and it is an exciting experience. The games that I played we're mediocre so I am waiting for some games that can really show Kinect's full potential before I buy one.

Venjense2605d ago

Yeah the tech is really cool, I'm hoping MS can deliver on the games.

Rikan2606d ago

Then you need to do some legit research, as it is far more advanced. Ask yourself this: If it is no different than the Eyetoy (primitive motion sensing and crap gimmick games), then why has the Kinect become the fastest selling electronics device in history and left Sony the odd man out in the motion gaming business; why did`nt the eyetoy follow the same suit.

You are a passive troll, and you know little about kinect. If Kinect doesn`t interest you and you see nothing that `sets it apart` , then why read Kinect articles...Hmmm I wonder...

UltimateGameGorilla2606d ago (Edited 2606d ago )

Hi Rikan,
Well said. I agree that IRetrouk is being a bit of a passive troll. The EyeToy and Kinect use completely different technologies and I am getting tired of people comparing the two and saying that it is the same experience. I also have to mention asphogears' comment which is well written. A bubble for you!
Talk to you gamers later,

Just_The_Truth2606d ago

The eyetoy came out over 10 years ago so of cource it's more advanced if you look up the video entitled eyetoy vs pseye vs kinect it shows that theyre aren't so different

KingSlayer2606d ago

I really expect nothing any different than what's already out. What incentive do they have, really? I'm sure they will try to provide "core" titles, but I'm not convinced...yet.

Bigpappy2606d ago

What wouyld you do if Kinect ends up being the most exciting show at E3. Could happen.

I want to see what they do with Ghost Recon, Star wars, that haunted game and power-up heros. I already know I am getting child of Eden.

Qwert1172606d ago

Child Of Eden looks cool.

KingSlayer2606d ago

Isn't Ghost Recon still being played with a controller? Star Wars is on rails, so I'm not too excited for that and Child of Eden is on PS3 where I don't need a $150 camera to play it. Thing is, Kinect won't be the most exciting show at E3, Nintendo will see to that.

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