Bright Hub: Terraria Single-Player Impressions

Bright Hub's David Sanchez gives a brief overview of his first few hours with the new indie sandbox game from developer Re-Logic, Terraria.

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f7897902427d ago

2D minecraft without the fun awesome structures to build.

sandwiches2427d ago

I own both MC and TR and they are very different games. If you want to use lame comparisons like that, I'm sure we could call MC "3D Terraria without the cool gear, dungeons, and adventure."

They're different games. Get over it.

BYE2427d ago

"2D minecraft without the fun awesome structures to build."

+ bosses, different stages, items and much more gameplay variety.

TheSanchezDavid2427d ago

Personally, I loved Terraria's action-adventure-driven style. It's like there's the sandbox stuff to keep the game entertaining for long stretches, but underneath it all is a nice layer of solid fantasy action-adventure gaming to enjoy.

ElementX2427d ago

I played Terraria last night for about 3 hours. The only reason I quit was because I had to work in the morning and needed sleep. It's a very good game!