Why Playing Video Games Might Make You Fat

According to new research by Jean-Philippe Chaput, Trine Visby, Signe Nyby, Signe Nyby, Lars Klingenberg, Nikolaj Ture Gregersen, Angelo Tremblay, Arne Astrup, and Anders Mikael Sjödin conducted at the University of Copenhagen; playing video games like Electronic Arts’ FIFA 11 will make you fat. Their recent study was published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

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MariaHelFutura2552d ago

I stay active while not playing games, if you don`t you deserve all the wierd looks and lack of sex that you get.

Derekvinyard132552d ago

so fat people look wierd and dont get any sex? lol

zeeshan8102552d ago

Users who disagree with you are fat. I workout everyday and I play video games.

Jack-H2552d ago

Exactly, same here. Just not everyday.

BubbleSniper2552d ago

the only way you can get fat is if your water intake is low, you eat nothing but excessively fatty foods and don't even walk.

i can say this applies to everyone at a certain degree as our bodies work the same but react differently.

jeseth2552d ago

You get fat when you take in more calories than you burn.


Yes, gaming can be a major factor in weight gain.

thrasherv32552d ago

Jesus, another one of these? Playing video games does not make you fat. It's the lack of exercise that makes you fat. Don't blame the games people. Blame the parents who don't give a fuck.

xTruthx2552d ago

You think only 12 year olds play video games lol ? Many people over 20 stay playing vid games 24/7 everyday of the year, that's really not healthy xD

Pintheshadows2552d ago

It is healthier than eating cake 24/7.

Soldierone2552d ago

And at that age its THEIR CHOICE to do so. If they are too stupid to get up and move around why should we care...

thrasherv32552d ago

@xTruthx: And why do you think they "stay" playing games 24/7? Old habits die hard.

Chaostar2552d ago (Edited 2552d ago )

"Why Eating Video Games Might Make You Fat"


1 carb per pixel, avg game = 1280×720p (for a total of 0.92 megapixel-carbs or 921600 pixel-carbs)
Bluray = Uber cholesterol!
Game Manuals are fat free.

Pintheshadows2552d ago (Edited 2552d ago )

What about game cases? Or the whole console?

Also how frelling old is that picture? Are they implying those kids are now fat?

@sidar, cardboard tastes better than Weetabix.

ChickeyCantor2552d ago

Do you eat the cereal box?
Wth is wrong with you.

GodofSackboy2552d ago

Not those mini-chocolate Weetabix things, I devour them twice a day at least!

Wolfmoonstrike2552d ago

Talk about an expensive meal. Jeez, and I thought steak priced were getting bad.

Tigerfist2552d ago (Edited 2552d ago )

How about "Why going to work and sitting at the desk all day makes you fat." article? It's blatantly obvious...

SSKILLZ2552d ago

Mmmmmmm I'm eating some steak while reading this post

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The story is too old to be commented.