Chris Taylor: “Total Annihilation was a game I designed for myself”

PCGAMER writes: Total Annihilation was one of the PC’s most forward-thinking strategy games – it threw out all the arbitrary conventions of the genre and created something more like a simulation. The result was a game plenty of PC gamers still consider unsurpassed. More recently, its creator Chris Taylor took over development of Age of Empires Online, a free-to-play version of the old classic. When I got to chat to him recently, I asked about the unconventional economy model TA used, and why he didn’t stick with it.

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LightofDarkness2485d ago

Still play this game. Easily in my top ten.

BakedGoods2485d ago

The soundtrack is incredible.

JsonHenry2485d ago

Same here. Wish he would start making games "for himself" again. His latest ones suck.