Shattered Memories Remastered for PS3 – Could it Work?

Rely on Horror: "A remastered PSP game for the PS3. It really does sound like a cheap cash-grab from a company that is undeniably suffering from a recent network snafu. Or a company desperately trying to recoup lost revenue from the PSP system in its entirety. It’s no secret that while the PSP might have been the king of portables in Japan, that time is quickly coming to an end, thanks mostly to the Nintendo DS/3DS. With the digital-download only PSPgo dead in the water, it’s time for Sony to hike up their pants and get back to work, raking in money."

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user8586212485d ago

Yep it could, but re mastering just 1 game thats only 6 hours long... if they re-done sh2 3 and 4 them Im up for it :)

sinncross2485d ago

Sure why not. Shattered Memories was released for PS2 (no reason to go from the PSp version).
So effectively you would get 1 - 4 on an HD collection (since SM is a reimagining of SH1).

sikbeta2485d ago

Silent Hill Collection *please*

lizard812882485d ago

even though, it took a big hit from the fans, i loved Shattered Memories. Its one of my favorite wii games i have played. The story gets you & the ending was fantastic. I didn't see it coming.

Mr Tretton2485d ago

I just want 2 and 3 remastered for PS3

Gamerfans2485d ago

Just say the release date and I'm sold.

RAmar1012485d ago

Release on a budget priced retail release and I'm sold

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The story is too old to be commented.