Don't Miss a Single E3 Conference...Be a Part of it

GamersXtreme: Want to make sure you get all the latest E3 info the moment each product is announced? Then be sure to check back on our site during each Press Conference as we do an “interactive live blog” of every detail that will be occurring during E3. Follow the link to find out how to get involved with the live blog! Looking forward to seeing all of you participate during the Press Conferences!

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kookie2675d ago

Nice i have marked the e3 liveblog

Evolve2675d ago

absolutely, NEVER, Every Single Moment

Kee2675d ago

Not really, I'm sure some nice guy on the internet will write a summary of events after it that I can check out :D

belal2675d ago

who wants to read a blog when they can watch e3 at gamespot, ign and GT?

Les-Grossman2675d ago

I'm hoping Spike gets most conferences

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The story is too old to be commented.