Capcom exec Defends Okami on Wii, Hints at Enhancements

Capcom exec Christian Svensson defends the Wii port of Okami against complains from the fans.

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Prismo_Fillusion4068d ago (Edited 4068d ago )

I wouldn't say he hinted at enhancements. He clearly stated that minor tweaks/enhancements were possible in the future - that nothing is certain at this point. Just don't get your hopes up Okami fans! I'm sure the Wii version will be great either way. :)

jackdoe4068d ago

It will probably be easier to play and there will probably be 16:9. Just don't expect any dramatic improvements to the graphics is what I would think.

Charlie26884068d ago

YAY my first news article on N4G :D

bootsielon4068d ago

We've played this game already, damn it. For those that haven't, get the PS2 version NOW, it's beautiful and undersold (but not underrated; it's well rated). You can even play it on all PS3s sold until November the 2nd (unless you're talking about Japan or Europe, which was last month or so).

Prismo_Fillusion4068d ago (Edited 4068d ago )

Why would I buy a PS2 or PS3 just to play this game now when I can wait a few months to play the same game with more fun controls?

Patience is a virtue!

ChickeyCantor4068d ago

"it's beautiful"
then why stop it from being played by more people? what is it with you and the Console fetish? why not let it be on the Wii?

to you it seems this is a piece of art, then let everyone enjoy it, and STFU in the future about. =/

ItsDubC4068d ago (Edited 4068d ago )

I like how in the context of a Wii discussion, bootsielon calls Capcom "crapcom", proceeds to comment on Okami's beauty and good ratings, and then manages to point out a flaw in the PS3's limited backwards compatibility. Trolling must be getting harder and harder to do successfully.

IdontTakeSides4068d ago

I already own this game played it on my PS3...really good..I think Capcom porting it over to the Wii is a good idea it's a great game so alot of ppl who probably didn't buy it the first around...and I mean alot..hardly ne one did..can now do it..since the Wii is so popular..just don't expect any graphical update I dont think there's ne thing much capcom can really do to make it look better on the Wii...

PS360WII4068d ago

"we've got no current plans to make a 40-60 hour game 50-70 hours"

I thought that was funny. You don't really need to add to the game when it's already so long. I also liked how he said they don't make shovelware. RE4 was the only port they did and Zack and Wiki is looking like it's a great game as well. As far as all you bitter peeps grow up Capcom still makes a great game ^^

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