Sony’s Free Gifts – What Should You Choose?

Recent press releases from Sony indicate that the PSN Store should be back online by the end of May – most likely the 31st. So I am sure a lot of gamers out there are wondering ‘Which two of the five free games should I select?’ Here is a quick guide to help some people with their selections. Hopefully this will provide you with enough information to ensure that you are happy with your selection of free stuff.

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Dart892309d ago (Edited 2309d ago )

Infamous and dead nation for me.

Edit:i forgot about the psp games i will be getting KZL,and Modnation.

dangert122309d ago

Deadnation is all i don't have

and killzone libberation and modnation :)

Elimin82309d ago

Sadly, none for me... I have them all... :( They're great games, don't get me wrong. I'm just sad there's nothing for me in this package....

dangert122309d ago

@Elimin8 mate i understand i'm let down and think its digusting of sony to offer us 90% old stuff

Bell Boy2309d ago

I was in the same boat until I traded Infamous for a used copy of Assassins Creed

Win Win for me on that one

MostJadedGamer2309d ago (Edited 2309d ago )

I haven't played any of the games. If I had any real interest in any of those games I would have already played them.

I guess if I have to choose though I will take LBP, and Stardust maybe they can serve as time wasters until NCAA Football 12 comes out.

GameGambits2309d ago

I am going for Wipeout and LBP I think. :)

gameguru2309d ago

i am planning on getting wipeout hd

R8342309d ago

Wipeout HD and Dead Nation. Why? Because they're the only two I don't have of course. ;)

metsgaming2309d ago

Dead Nation and Stardust, same reason only 2 i dont have.

Falaut2309d ago

Dead Nation and Wipeout. Plus UnderSiege w/ the discount!!!!!!!!!!

smoothdude2309d ago

I hope beyond good and evil will be discounted. I am looking forward to that game.

Greek God2309d ago

i get everything
troll face jpg.

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The story is too old to be commented.