TDA: Playthrough Of Singularity Part 2 Available (Game you might have missed)

Hi guys,

JohnnyFrostmelt of TDAclanTV's playthrough of Singularity (PC), Part 2 is now available. If you haven't checked out Part 1 make sure you do. You may have missed Singularity when it came out, now would be a good chance to check it out. Also available, if you enjoyed singularity is the first 7 parts of Portal 2 Co op playthrough via PC and PS3. You can find these videos and other videos of playthrough's, short movies/clips and pod/video casts, still to come. All videos are available in 1080p also. Make sure you Subscribe, like and comment :) Thanks guys!

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ElementX2606d ago

Someone actually submitted this garbage? That game is ancient!

Tachyon_Nova2606d ago

I reported it but it got through, kinda sad ey.

Jack-H2606d ago

Someone actually clicked on a link about a game they thought was both ancient and garbage? Whaaaaaa?

ElementX2606d ago

Singularity isn't garbage, I played and reviewed it on Amazon for PS3 when it came out. Walkthrough videos are garbage.