Gears of War 3 Avatar Props Hit Xbox

Gears of War 3 props hit the Xbox 360. Save and Quit lists and shows all the props.

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FACTUAL evidence2637d ago

If 1 thing Ms has, it's marketing. Gears 3 will do awesome.

awiseman2637d ago

I want that lancer. >:D

TXIDarkAvenger2637d ago

I want the life size replica lancer :D

Max_Dissatisfaction2637d ago

Thats what happens when you build a company right, you give it a marketing department

gamingdroid2637d ago

You also research what customers want!

The notion of if you build it they will come doesn't work.

Max_Dissatisfaction2637d ago

Very true...that is why Gears is the most successful new exclusive IP this gen, EPIC know their market

Rybakov2637d ago

wow there first weapon (not including the light sabers)

i thought they weren't allowed to do weapons cause it would Quote"promote violence" end quote

Eiffel2637d ago (Edited 2637d ago )

That never made sense to me, it's not okay for pixelated avatars to sport weaponry but it's okay in the actual games, most including their prime franchises which in fact promote violence. Either it's their family friendly route that's clouding their intelligence or it's really just borderline stupidity.

MaverickStar72636d ago

I was thinking the same thing. I guess it makes sense for them to bend the rules when it comest to making money on their exclusives. I'm sure that rule is going away if its not already done away with. And avatar prop can do no worse than kids seeing the videos and playing the games themselves.

sickbird2637d ago

avatar items are the biggest waste of money. idc if its pocket change.

CrimsonEngage2637d ago

It's not even pocket change. I wipe my ass with one hundred dollar bills.

BLAKHOODe2637d ago

bought the gold lancer as soon as i found out yesterday. i've been asking for a lancer since Gears 2 came out.

EazyC2637d ago

Coming from someone who holds GoW 1 as one of their favourite games, and found GoW 2.... Pretty good, I found the GoW 3 beta to be very disappointing. It's far too much like GoW 2! Anyone else found that?

I dont get why people buy stuff for their avatar anyway: paying real money for cyber-clothing? And even at that, you only really see your avatar at the dashboard. I'm not criticizing people though... Just opinion!

maxcer2637d ago

not me, i found the beta much better than gears 1 and 2. it has the movement speed from 1 and the control of 2. the ability to control cover cancels and wallbouncing is missing from gears1 and it feels so clunky in comparison.

the only thing gears1 had going for it was its netcode and CMS(charactermovmentspeed)

NoobJobz2637d ago

I disagree with the beta feeling like Gears 2. I'll agree it doesn't feel like Gears 1 either, but definitely doesn't feel like 2. Each game in the series has felt completely different to me. Not sure if that's a good or bad thing. I personally thought Gears 1 was amazing. It's sickening to think how many hours I put into that MP. Gears 2 I didn't care for at all. The Gears 3 beta is fun IMO and feels like a game that will get me back into the series.

BTW, I still wish they would bring back a Classic mode in MP with the option to have weapons, maps, and gameplay from Gears 1.

HacSawJimThugin2637d ago

I'm sorry but after playing the beta and them going back to Gears 2, I find that they are nothing a like. Sure it's a sequel but so much has changed. The two piece is a Gears 1 and 2 strategy, but that won't work in Gears 3. I had no desire to implement it after seeing how ineffective it has become...this alone changes the dynamic of the game in more ways than one.

The roadie run feels more organic in Gears 3...ho could anyone in their right (or left) mind say,"oh, it's just like Gears 2". WTF?!

That goes to show that you know nothing about either game...I can't to get my hands on the full release in Sept. On that note, I'm gone to play some Horde.

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