Download Size Of The Free Welcome Back Programme Games

GM: Sony’s recently announced that every PSN user who has had an active account created before the 19th of April, the day when the company took PSN offline after being hacked, would be receiving two free games which they would be able to choose from a list of five titles.

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Dart892277d ago

Good thing i just replaced my gb hard drive with a 500 gb hard drive.

VersusEM2277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

hey where would I get one of those, how much would it cost, and how would I installed it because God knows I need more space, I only have 5 gigs left. I know I'm asking alot of questions sorry for that.

Seijoru2277d ago

You could find a 500 for around 50-60$ and use a youtube video for installation.

xX-StolenSoul-Xx2277d ago

Go on Amazon and search Ps3 Hard Drive, they will show you which ones are compatible with ps3, i would Recommended a Western digital one.

Elwenil2277d ago

I get all my stuff from NewEgg or TigerDirect.

Soldierone2277d ago

Just to help out. All you need is a 2.5 inch Laptop harddrive. There isn't an "official Sony Replacement" drive, like 360's.

To replace it, there is a little slat on the PS3. Its on the front of slims, and on the back of fats(if you have the fat sitting vertical its on the bottom). Just pop it off and its pretty self explanatory from that point. Obviously don't do it on carpet (static electricity) and dont touch the drives as much as possible, keep the old one in the hard drive bag so it doesn't get ruined.

X-DominusRebellis-X2277d ago

Come on this isn't even freakin news! You're telling us something we already know! Who approved this crap anyways?

Hey did you know that PSN went down due to hackers last month? Maybe you can write an article about that /s

EeJLP-2276d ago

If you only know how to add you may have only 5 gigs left, but it's not like you can't delete anything. Old game install data you don't play very often? Demos you haven't played in months or years? That would be an easy place to start.

There is no 'only 5 gigs left'.

vulcanproject2276d ago

If sony aren't stupid they will have set up dedicated content servers and extra bandwidth for this stuff ready for when it goes live so they don't bring down the normal PSN servers.

Anyone can see that as soon as it goes up the servers are gonna be hit up for petabytes of bandwidth in the first few weeks...

AAACE52276d ago

Uhhh... Did I miss something?

It says Infamous only requires 6.88 Gb's and LBP only requires 2.21 Gb's!

I was worried because I was under the impression that these games were a lot larger.

Anyway, I have lots of space on my 250 Gb slim, so no stress on me!

RedDead2276d ago

Infamous 6.8? What the hell was Blu ray for?

RedDevils2276d ago (Edited 2276d ago )

Infamous 6.8gb no wonder ps3 games were pirate like crazy, I though it be like 20gb plus lol

Menech2276d ago

Actually most games still fit quite easily inside of 7GB.

It's only games with tons of FMV's and RPG's that struggle often.

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xTruthx2277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

What he said ^^^^^^^^^^, use you tube for the installation if your not so sure about what your doing. But yeah, any 2.5 HDD will work. Don't worry if its 7200 rpm, installed one on my b/c ps3 almost over a year now and have had no problems

gamingdroid2277d ago

For those that re-activated their account on PSN. What the heck do you do if you don't have access to your PS3?

pixelsword2276d ago

good question... I guess you can either wait until you have access, or try to login online, and see if they will e-mail you further instructions.

Quagmire2276d ago

Question for anyone who can help.

Ive played Infamous on Disc and Ive still got the save as well as most of the trophies. I no longer have the disc, however, If i am to download the game from the store, will the saves/trophy progression still be compatible with the downloaded game? Or will I have to start from scratch?

agentace2276d ago

yeah it will work. its what i did with lbp, got free download from ps+

2276d ago
mastemikegee2276d ago

Me too :) No more install worries...

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Tired2277d ago

LIES! LBP is 2 gig, nowhere near 8. Media Molecule stripped it down when it was first introduced to the plus package.

cyborg2277d ago

I've corrected it. Can you tell me the exact size of the download?

MakiManPR2277d ago

InFamous – 6.88 GB?

Are u sure? wow this will takes years here

NewZealander2276d ago

oh thank god for that, i was expecting to download about 8GB for LBP, nice to know it wont take all day to download now:)

Quagmire2276d ago

Agreed, especially with NZ's crappy net plans and speeds

NewZealander2276d ago

yeah nz speeds aint too flash, but i still get around a GB per hour so it could be worse, at least it aint telecoms crap speeds.

MonkJammas2277d ago

Hopefully store is up soon. Need to play through inFamous in time for the second one.

OcelotRigz2277d ago

Same here, never finished the 1st one and want to before InFamous 2 hits.

Handy information, thought InFamous would be bigger, glad its on 6GB.
Have all the others already though.

RedDevils2276d ago

never play the first one so this will be a treat :P

psb2277d ago

all of these games already, so it's useless for me. Can't belief Sony hasn't come up with a plan for those who already own these titles. Atleast an extra month of PS Plus would have been nice.

waltyftm2277d ago

Unlcky. I myself found it very interesting and will be downloading InFamous and Wipeout.