What Constitutes A Core Gamer?

TheCrapgamer over at gamerxchange writes: I have been gaming since the 1980′s and when I was younger I admittedly gamed just for the fun of it. As I grew older and found the thrill of competitive gaming the types of games I spent the majority of my time with changed as well, I was no longer content on a platform types of games or adventure games. If I didn’t get that thrill of the fight I wasn’t interested. Now that I am older, I still like the thrall of the fight but I also find that I have almost reverted back to a younger me, the me who enjoys platform games, adventure games and now even motion controlled games.

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RayRay362640d ago

In my opinion it's as simple as this; gaming without an agenda. If you buy a console, for ONE game, your not a core gamer. If you buy a console soley because it's made by a specific company, your not a core gamer. If you play a game because everybody else, plays it, your not a core gamer. People think you have to eat, sleep, and play games,

KingSlayer2640d ago (Edited 2640d ago )

That's pretty absurd. If that ONE game is Demon's Souls, you're a "core" gamer. If that company has been making games for 20+ years, with a wealth of "core" titles, you're a "core" gamer. If you play a game that everyone else is playing, you have good taste. "Core" gamers should eat, sleep, and play games.

Kee2640d ago (Edited 2640d ago )

I agree, I think it is to do with time spent playing, rather than what you play.

For example guitar hero was a casual game. But if you get really good at it it becomes a hardcore game when you start to play it on expert.

You could be playing anything for long enough and be hardcore.

Playing a game like demon's souls separates the sheep from the goats. It takes a long time to beat, so if you do, you are a core gamer. You played the living crap out of it.

EDIT: Actually, watch this if you've played demons souls as this guy puts you in your place as a gamer.

Redgehammer2640d ago

I too consider time spent gaming, and participating in a gaming lifestyle (forums, news sites, blogs, talking to your buddies etc) to be the hallmarks of a hardcore gamer.

MaxXAttaxX2640d ago

I agree with everything EXCEPT the part about playing a game that everyone else plays. That does NOT equal "good taste", AT ALL.

aaabbbccc43242640d ago

a harcore gamer is someone that plays violent games 8 hours a day

thtruth5742640d ago

If you game on a console like ps3 or 360.

AWBrawler2638d ago

so i'm less core because I game on Wii, PC, and Onlive?

Nes_Daze2640d ago

I think you're a core gamer as long as you don't buy into cheap gimmicks, and we've seen a lot of that this gen. But in the end it depends on how you see it, I for one can see the obvious difference between a casual gamer and a regular.

awiseman2640d ago

Someone who plays a variety of games. And not JUST casual gimmicks like Office chairs (psmove) or Kinect Sports (Kinect)

KingSlayer2640d ago

What about games like Killzone 3 or Socom 4 or R3 or Dead Space Extraction? Are those gimmicks?

Bigpappy2640d ago (Edited 2640d ago )

@awiseman: Office Chairs (psmove or Kinect Sports (Kinect). That is very funny man, props to you.

How about this one: a core gamer is anyone who plays the best games on core consoles like 'Halo' on 360 or 'Rogue Warrior' on PS3.

MaxXAttaxX2640d ago (Edited 2640d ago )

Rogue Warrior (Xbox 360/PS3)
Which Halo btw?
Did you know that the best games on PS3 are exclusive while on 360 they're multiplatform?

Lou-Cipher2640d ago

A Casual gamer is someone who play games Casually (only a few hours a week.

A hardcore gamer is someone who plays games alot.

If you devote alot of time to video games, you can consider yourself a Core Gamer. It's as simple as that

stealth500k2640d ago

honestly theres only core games. Not core people

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