Coin-OpEd: MW3 It Burns

"Before we get into this, if everyone could please go watch Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2's trailer, that'd be great. In fact, I insist. Here's a link. I've also embeded it below. There's no rush, I can wait."

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AKissFromDaddy2606d ago

I agree completely with Tom. 2009 Infinity would have a better trailer. They were better then.

xX-StolenSoul-Xx2606d ago

Ehh. Call of Duty, this is more of the same. I'm not saying i won't but it as i do enjoy the Online a bit but not as much as i use to im more looking foward to Battlefield 3.

Eric19932606d ago

Picking up Battlefield 3 on release day...mw3 on the other hand I'll just ask for it for Christmas.

tunytung2606d ago (Edited 2606d ago )

there is always BF3 fanboy on COD article.
the game isn't even out yet.
masturbating somewhere else kiddo