Trailer and gameplay from new Dragon Ball game is very innovative

In the Japanese arcade a new game is just released called Dragon Ball Dragon Ball Zenkai Battle Royale. This is not the latest Dragon Ball game that comes out this year for PS3 and 360. This game is currently only playable in the arcades. However, it is likely that this game will be ported to the PS3 game because it is made with PS3 hardware, so a port is not that difficult.

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Kingsora1887d ago

Let us hope we will see a game like this soon on consoles. I am sick of always the same DB fighters, I want something different. The franchise has enough potential

HolyOrangeCows1886d ago

This is arcade only right now? Darn you, Arcades; you're supposed to be dead, not stealing the first innovative DBZ game since whatever the first one was.

CaptainSheep1887d ago

I doubt it'll be ported to the PS3. It's not that huge for a PS3 game.. But if they use the same hardware they used for this game and then make a PS3 game, that'd be neat.

Neko_Mega1886d ago

Why do you doubt? Playstation is big in Japan and I think more people brought DBZ games for Playstation systems then any other.

I can see this coming to PS3 and wasn't this game already listed as a PS3?

Takoulya1886d ago

Hell yes. I loved DBZ:S.

Mittaneckstyle1886d ago

What kind of game is it? I never heard of it

MidnytRain1886d ago

They tried to turn it into a friggin' adventure game, which has obvious design impediments. In my opinion, it was the worst DB game.

HeavenlySnipes1886d ago

Bad execution. Basically an RPG stlye DBZ (makes sense right? They fight get stronger?) The only thing was that the characters weren't unique enough, they all basically had the same moves, and the abilities were basica and underwhelming.

If a proper RPG was made where you got all the 5 cities, the World Tournament Island, the Tundra (with RRA base), the Forest and Desert the game would be awesome. (With destruction in every area too)

Kingsora1886d ago

There is also a gameplay video in the link, it looks euh special

Mittaneckstyle1886d ago

Yes indeed, but what's up with all those bars?? >.>

CNXN1886d ago

Budokai was the last great DBZ game

newn4gguy1886d ago

I don't know, man. Raging Blast was pretty good.

gunnerforlife1886d ago

i clocked that game to the max, beat everything it had :)

InfiniteJustice1886d ago


Same here. It was my favourite fighter on PS2, I even remember doing every single one of the Red Ribbon arena fights - that took hundreds of hours.

I sort of wish they would go back to the Budokai system. I don't really care for the Tenkaichi flying/ open battlefield mechanics :/

vickers5001882d ago

Agree with all of you. They should just make Budokai 4. Raging Blast (from what I could tell) was a watered down version of Budokai.

I don't see why they keep making the same damn game over and over again that nobody wants, I'm pretty sure not very many people like the Tenkaichi games.

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The story is too old to be commented.