New Kinect horror title, Rise of Nightmares details emerge

Remember back at last years TGS when Microsoft announced a boatload of hardcore Kinect titles? Well, one of them was a horror title from Sega: Rise of Nightmares. Thanks to a slight leak, we finally have a bit more info on the title. Best of all, you won’t have to wait till E3.

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Protag222672d ago (Edited 2672d ago )

I just posted a duplicate of this story in error, thinking this was a post on it's announcement. Sorry! Put my approval on here though.

Won't happen again!

X-DominusRebellis-X2672d ago

Haha that happens! I wonder if this title will be similar to the haunted house simulator for wii.

WhittO2672d ago

I think even without that much control, they would still be able to make quite a scary Kinect game, all it takes is a good atmosphere and sound design anyway haha.

But it also depends on how accurate the responses required are.
If you only need to fling a hand out to escape or attack something, that would stop being scary fast!

VictoriousB132672d ago

Freedom of movement?
I wonder how that'll work...

Sheikh Yerbouti2670d ago

They are going to come out with a controller, I believe.

VictoriousB132669d ago

Wouldn't that defeat the purpose of Kinect?

Sheikh Yerbouti2669d ago

I don't think it takes away from Kinect, just Microsoft's marketing message to casuals. I don't think core gamers would care. In fact I think they'll welcome it.

guigsy2672d ago

Interesting to see how it controls considering it's not on rails.

DigitalRaptor2672d ago

The game is coming out in 2 weeks and nothing has been shown!

Seriously, it's a joke!

stealth500k2672d ago (Edited 2672d ago )

"Use your whole body to fight the undead horde with physical brutality."

I am out.

This is totally lame

and free motion? What do I have to constantly lean forward?

I am honestly scared to see how people will review this gameplay when up against another horror game like dead space or resident evil.

Max_Dissatisfaction2672d ago

Lol come on fatty, it will do you good to get off your lumpy butt

awiseman2672d ago (Edited 2672d ago )

It has to be reviewed in its own right. Not against dead space.

EDIT: check out all the disagrees LMAO. I wonder if this had been a PSMove title if the trolls would be so busy?

Seijoru2672d ago

Oh you mean how review sites like IGN will give it a free pass because they are in MS' pocket.

GodofSackboy2672d ago

If it was a PSMove title, it could at least have a decent control scheme. It is impossible, 100%, to make a decent-controlling, not-on-rails Kinect game. Tell me when there is eh?

snipes1012671d ago


If you're gonna be a fanboy, at least be subtle about it so you don't come off as a presumptuous douche.

TBM2672d ago

Guys, guys let the kinect lovers have their day it might actually turn out to be a halfway decent romp. Even though I don't see it happening lol.

I just have this feeling it wont live up to the hype kinect lovers are putting on it.

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