The Top 10 Worst Moments of E3....So Far

"Ah, E3, the land of wonders. Days on end of gaming coverage, trailers and reveals. Lovely. However, not everything goes to plan. Yes, there’s some major cock ups from time to time. So, in the build up for E3 2011 TGL is here here to bring you the top 10 worst moments of E3… so far. Who knows what will happen this year. So, kick back, relax and enjoy this whirlwind of embarrassment and mayhem."

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Jio2607d ago

Ever wonder what the bottom of an avatars shoe looks like? Well bam, there it is!

*avatar has seizure*

Seijoru2607d ago

Sony 2006 and Xbox 2010, disaster.

LoaMcLoa2607d ago

So.. Here's this giant enemy crab!

Max_Dissatisfaction2607d ago (Edited 2607d ago )

It's Ridge Racer...Riiiiidge Racer!!! *crickets*
Avatar Shoe
Circ du So-lame
Giant Enemy Crab

NovusTerminus2607d ago

You can add Cammie Dunaway and the odd drummer dude from Nintendo 2008...

MaxXAttaxX2607d ago

Ridge Race was just funny.

Dart892607d ago (Edited 2607d ago )

Think i like this High school musical better :D.

*You know what would have been better? Anything. Absolutely anything. They could have shaved a Chimpanzee and nailed a copy of Proving Ground to is face and it would have been more informative.*omg rotflmfao xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD.

Retroplayer2607d ago

Glad you all like it. Thanks! :)

InfiniteJustice2607d ago

Really funny piece of writing, some of the descriptions were spot on.

2607d ago
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