TimeShift IGN AU Review

"TimeShift may not be Halo 3 or The Orange Box, but with its entertaining single player game and cleverly implemented multiplayer, it's well worth a look. In fact, with a decent online community this could become one of the most interesting multiplayer shooters out there. Still have doubts? Chances are they'll disappear around the time you sticky grenade an enemy twenty metres into the sky in slow motion, separating him from his weapon, which spins gracefully through the air into your waiting arms. Or perhaps it'll be the first time you stop an opponent dead in his tracks with a perfectly thrown time stop bubble and unload clip after clip into his soon to be dead body. Good times". - IGN AU

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doomsonyman3949d ago

this game looks weak as hell

Real gamer 4 life3949d ago

to bad this game is going to be overshadow by other fps juggernaut(call of duty and halo). They should have waited to release it.

gtgcoolkid3949d ago

It actually did a little better than I originally thought. Maybe I will look into if I have money left over which I seriously doubt.

jaja14343949d ago

Hm I thought the demo was quite "meh".

jackdoe3949d ago

That's a pretty high score. I thought the demo was meh as well.

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