Gamer Gaia At London MCM - Ocarina of Time 3DS Hands-On

There’s a veritable buzz in the air at the London MCM this week – gamers from all corners of the expo are flocking to the Nintendo booth, eager to get their hands on The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3DS. I was one of these gamers – I stood in line for over twenty minutes (and that was when the queue had shortened considerably!) and finally, after a long-ish wait, I had a 3DS in my hands and was prepared to play Zelda for the first time in 3D. The question is: was I impressed?

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Cwalk8162676d ago

How many times are they going to port the same game! I get that it's a classic, but geeze. I do have to admit it look a bit interesting though.

apalkowski2676d ago

agreed, but you have to admit that beating the dead Legend of Zelda horse does net them a lot of money...

multipayer2676d ago

It hasn't been ported nearly enough times being one of the best game out there. In the last couple decades Ocarina of Time has only came in compilations for Gamecube, and probably downloadable on Wii. Never any changes as drastic as this though, Nintendo deserves money this time.

jmobley2676d ago

probably the only reason a 3DS seems interesting to me

rmoar2676d ago

Considering Ocarina of Time was the reason I got my 3DS, I'm excited.

tomragan2676d ago

One of the best games ever, I hope the 3D element adds to it well.

ophidian2676d ago

I was planning to go for a 3DS when Sony announced the NGP. Bad luck for Nintendo on my account. I don't think Zelda is enough of its own to convince me to get a 3DS now

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