Dead Island UK cover art features uncensored logo

Deep Silver has released a new PlayStation 3 box art for Dead Island featuring the uncensored hanged man’s logo.

In March, the ESRB had Deep Silver rework the Dead Island logo from a dead body hanging from a tree to a standing zombie. The cover art is for the European release, so the censorship may only apply to the U.S.

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xtremexx2484d ago

wait, isnt title wrong? isnt the UK going to have the censored logo?

NyGiants72484d ago

No, article says Uk gets the uncensored version, us gets the censored one.

Derekvinyard132484d ago (Edited 2484d ago )

that logo is pretty creative, wish the us was getting it.

AstroZombie12484d ago

Heaven forbid the children should see a hanging zombie lol.

Quagmire2484d ago

Really? I thought it was a Black guy getting lynched /s

Dan502484d ago

I'm importing this from the UK. :P Take that ESRB!!!!!!

Protag222484d ago

It's amazing to me that you cant show a tiny silhouetted hanging dead person on the box art for a mature video game, but you can wantonly slap bikini clad girls with gigantic norks on the DOA Xtreme games.

Guess which one kids will look at first.

RockmanII72484d ago

It's not really a big deal

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The story is too old to be commented.