E3 2011's Most Anticipated: The Last Guardian

If you're following the development of The Last Guardian as closely as we are, you know how agonising it is to be so wrapped up in the game only to have it delayed mere months from release - again.

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Rage_S902670d ago

To be honest it's better to go into games like last guardian and shadow of the colossus without knowing too much about it. The purpose of these games most of the time is about discovery.

metsgaming2670d ago (Edited 2670d ago )

what is this game supposed to be i dont get it. What do you do? Is it about experiencing a story? You said discovery is it like an adventure?

NateCole2670d ago

Its a very basic game mechanic wise. However its a technical masterpiece. SOTC for example has the best ever game level design in any game i played in my 25 years of gaming.

The Ueda games brings back the simplicity of old school games with fantasy themes/atmosphere of great 80's fantasy movies.

You don't get to level up or kill 1000 enemies as you do with modern games. There are no power ups or X amount of cutscenes.

Its very minimal but the story told is some of the best ever. Its not what is said but its whats that is done in the game that get even some grown men cry and why a lot are expecting TLG to be just as emotional as the previous games.

don't expect it to be like Uncharted or other modern games. If you do you will be disapointed. Its gonna be a game like no other you play before.