Why Modern Warfare 3 Needs to Have a Beta

Here are some reasons why a beta test will help to surely make this Modern Warfare as good as the original.

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Dart892638d ago (Edited 2638d ago )

Lol that won't happen cuz if Activision does do a beta and people don't like what they see when they're trying the beta they will loose sales.

@Samoon yea but then people could just go cancel the pre order and get they're money back which would mean no sale for Activision.

@Nitro Because of the sales those two brought in Kotick thinks even without a beta people will still buy it cuz it has cod.

Nitrowolf22638d ago

I don't understand. They use to have Betas,they did for MW1 and [email protected] then just stopped from there. Every Cod games have server issue but i think that is pretty normal for any game with online really. Beta's are good and i don't think they would detach from sales for COD games. They just need to work on the bugs. Every MP games have bugs but come on This is gonna be the third MW game, it shouldn't be as buggy as the previous one.
I think Spawn system needs some work to. If anything i think there should be a timed spawn shield like the have in rainbow six so when there a heli or something your not being spawn killed.

MaxXAttaxX2637d ago (Edited 2637d ago )

Here's an educated guess:
All gameplay in between the actions scenes in the MW3 trailer...
...will be the same as before.

HuGi2638d ago

Because like all other Cod after Cod4 have been bad and if they launch a beta people will see how bad game is and wont buy.

NYC_Gamer2638d ago

i doubt it would stop sales of the game because the franchise is mainstream

Nitrowolf22638d ago

COD4 released, then World at War. People complained about bugs, so MW2 came out. Sold more and people still complained. Then came Black ops, highest selling one

You would think sales would have dropped by now but thats not the case.

samoon2638d ago

I don't think it would affect sales, I mean if anything it would drive up sales, if people were told they could get into the beta by pre-ordering the game.

Karlnag32638d ago (Edited 2638d ago )

Let me use this example from an experience of my own.

Step 1: Pre-order game online.

Step 2: Wait for beta access code via email.

Step 3: Download and try out the beta.

Step 4: Cancel pre-order of Star Trek Online because it sucked.

I get what you're saying and it makes total sense, but what I just put could be what activision is trying to avoid. Another theory would be that putting out a beta involves time, effort, money... things activision will try not to use at every opportunity ;)

That or they're just lazy.

gogeta2638d ago

The only way there will be a beta is if activision think it wont affect their sales negatively.

MassOnesumis2638d ago

To some people they think "beta= demo." So if companies release a "Beta." Their audience assumes thats how the real game is going to play so thats a lost in sales.

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