Battlefield 3: 10 Facts That Everyone Should Know

GB: "It is a self evident truth that one cannot hype themselves up for a game sufficiently without knowing the new features it will bring to the table. Battlefield 3 is the sequel we've all been waiting for, and it is certainly worth getting excited over. For those who haven't been following it religiously, (and why not?) here's a brief run-down of the ten reasons why you should start getting yourself psyched up for Battlefield 3."

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gameseveryday2673d ago

I wonder how much of the total destruction will be scripted. I mean can I take down a small building which has enemies in it? If that is what the frostbite engine 2.0 can do then I would be really impressed.

RahatR2673d ago

If Bad Company 2 did an an amazing job with the destructible environments, I can only imagine that Battlefield 3 will only do so much more.

Nitrowolf22673d ago (Edited 2673d ago )

This is beta footage of BFBC2
Thats BFBC2, I expect BF3 to do it better

flankhim2673d ago

Bf3 will dominate everything in its path!

HardCover2673d ago

"I mean can I take down a small building which has enemies in it?"


You could do that in BC2. If they take that out, then I'll be a bit confused.

Yukicore2673d ago

What do you mean take that out, there will mostly be HUGE-ass buildings, which i really really hope will be able to crumble down to the ground. Small buildings - definitely.

sobekflakmonkey2673d ago (Edited 2673d ago )

I personally lost faith in Battlefield a really long time ago.

Hopefully the fact that I'm not expecting much makes the game a lot better for me.

Same goes for the new CoD, I think it's gonna be shit, so cant do any worse than my expectations lol

Edit: nobody should take what I said personally, I just haven't been too impressed with most of the games that have come out recently, but hey, that's just me.

lil Titan2673d ago

i want to know if can i tell the alias near me if i see an enemy or signal them to help me take out a tank or something, just got out of a match jumping in front of an engineer trying to get his attention to help take out a tank. some people on there are retards

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bjh0892673d ago

should def be a really good game i hope its slighly different from bfbc 2 though. Just something a little fresh u know haha

grifter0242673d ago

I can see that you've never played a Battlefield game before.

Battlefield and Bad Company are very different games.

Bad Company was to help Dice bring the console's to the "Battlefield," With easier controls compared to that of the regular Battlefield games.

lategamer2673d ago

Battlefield Modern Combat on PS2, Xbox, and 360 was a better Battlefield than Bad Company IMO. So was 1943.

MassOnesumis2673d ago

I have one " this is Battlefield 3 or BF3 not Bad Company 3 (BC3)." Those who make that mistake should be laugh off the internet.

sobekflakmonkey2673d ago

you and your shitty grammar should be "laugh" off the internet.

aznrunner18812673d ago

Where's this "leaked level footage" they mentioned in the article? Or are they just referencing the 12 minute trailer?

snipermk02673d ago (Edited 2673d ago )

I was gonna ask the same question. You beat me to it..

EDIT: shows that someone is actually reading the article at least. Unlike 99.4% of N4Gers.

aznrunner18812673d ago

Did you know 97.3% of statistics are made up? Shocking, I know.

beast242tru2673d ago

battlefield 2 multiplayer was realli good strongly team based and nothing like c.o.d i think battlefield 3 will be realli good also people must realize even though they are both shooters they are realli different multiplayers

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