Modern Warfare 3 first impressions (Gameplanet)

With Electronic Arts talking up Battlefield 3, the pressure is on Activision's Infinity Ward to deliver the annual Call of Duty release. We're in Los Angeles to check out the first screening.

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gogeta2640d ago

I'm getting deja vu reading these MW3 articles.

cozmo1952640d ago

and here comes the media hype

bjh0892640d ago

way to many articles and nothing new. just wait till e3 they are gonna give the goods up there im sure.

Raven_Nomad2640d ago

Modern Warfare 3 is going to do what it does best. Offer the best online experience, the biggest online experience and the most competition.

It will release a solid if not spectacular game that demolishes the competition, but the whiners here will call everyone else "Sheep" and then go do something sheepish of their own.

Close_Second2640d ago (Edited 2640d ago )

You for real?

I would say COD offers the best casual gaming multiplayer experience. Honestly, the maps in COD:BO were as uninspired as they come with the controls being geared towards run-n-gun mentality.

COD:BO single player felt like it was just going over old territory and the game engine made it feel so linear and pre-rendered. The franchise needs a major overhaul. Ok, keep the gameplay to make the "sheep" happy but for goodness sake beef up the game engine.

Caleb_1412640d ago

I find it hard to believe that you think MW3 will offer the best MP experience. Sure it's a great game to casually play now and again for quick thrills, but for those gamers that are looking for something more it's got to be BF3.

Although I may act it sometimes, I'm not actually biased over one game than another. I can see the appeal of COD and why it is so popular, but I can also see why many people are annoyed how that is so and that they want something more.

I genuinely believe that BF3 will revolutionise the FPS genre, and am glad to see it do so. Since the release of COD4, the FPS genre has grown stale and stagnant as everyone trys to adhere to the gameplay and rules set by it. I don't think people can really see yet that we are due for another 'revolution'. FPS games are getting so boring as they're just the same game with different guns, different settings, different characters.

I am eagerly awaiting BF3's release, that's all there is to say.

Raven_Nomad2640d ago

Call Of Duty casual? No offense but I play Call Of Duty games competitively. I have put in over 30 day's on each Call Of Duty title since COD4.

I hate when people try to generalize something as casual, according to the people here the only things "core" are games nobody plays.

I always tell people, if your tight on money and a lot of people are these days, buy a COD game and your set for the rest of the year. Call Of Duty games have the largest community and unlike most games that die out a couple months down the road, Call Of Duty games only gain in popularity.

Nothing casual about COD titles, especially when you run a gaming clan like I do.

Caleb_1412640d ago

I didn't say it couldn't be competitive now did I? You can't argue with me and say that COD has a steep learning curve, if at all - that's what I mean by casual. It's so easy to play and that's what's wrong with it, people can run around and get cheap kills, hence why I believe it's casual.

Can you not make the connection between having a large fanbase and a game being casual? It seems to me that the more time a game takes to learn, the less people there are willing to spend time doing so.

Take Arma 2 on the PC, that's got a great and really friendly community. Everyone is in the game for one reason and that's to enjoy the tactics and strategy that a military FPS brings to the table. It's much harder to learn to play and everyone has roles that they are good at, yet it has really quite a small fanbase.

COD - you pick up a gun and shoot the first person you see. It doesn't require anything more than that basic instinct.

It is a casual game which is easy to play, just because you choose to play competitively doesn't suddenly make the guns have more recoil, doesn't suddenly make the RC cars go away.

Face it, COD's a casual game for casual players.

AKissFromDaddy2640d ago

ChooChoo....hype train coming through!

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