Modern Warfare 3: Trade Three and Get It Absolutely Free

EB/Gamestop has got you covered if you’re looking to get MW3 without dropping a dime.

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Kran2272d ago

$24 for a $60 game. Hmmmm.

Problem is, do you have to have !3! games that are $8 each or could you have like 8 games worth $4 each?

samoon2272d ago

The other way around.. So 3 games worth atleast $8

AyeGee2272d ago

Welp, looks like i'm headin to Canada. Brb.

egidem2271d ago

I wish this deal takes place for Battlefield 3 instead.


what about the 60+ dollars i spend to get those 3 games.. No thaks....oh yea i did drop some dimes

Derekvinyard132272d ago

there scam artists. Ripoff to the players

Jack-Pyro2272d ago

That's why it's an option...not a requirement....

ambientFLIER2272d ago

"what about the 60+ dollars i spend to get those 3 games.. No thaks"

Um...that's how trades work. Do you go to trade in an old car and expect to get what you paid for it?

I think it's very fair, especially if you don't even play them anymore.

samoon2272d ago

Atleast you're not giving them you're money. It's kind of like buying the game used. :P

frjoethesecond2272d ago

It's really not. That game will count as a sale and gamestop will pay activision the appropriate ammount for the sale. They make the money back by selling the games you trade in.

I wouldn't be thrilled to deal with gamestop. There as evil as activision IMO.