The King Nintendo Fanboy’s E3 2011 DS Predictions

KNF: Trying to predict Nintendo’s E3 plans is usually impossible. Everyone knows Nintendo is very secretive and keeps their lips unusually tight regarding unannounced titles. With that said it’s still possible to make some educated guesses on what Nintendo is planning to showcase at the show.

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jaredhart2486d ago

King Nintendo Fanboy...Hail to the King!

KingNintendoFanboy2486d ago

You've got that right. OHHH YEAH, Wolfpac and the King Nintendo Fanboy 4 Ever!!!!

jaredhart2486d ago

Don't forget The Macho King Randy Savage.

CrzyFooL2486d ago

60% of the time, the KNF is right every time.

Invadersims2486d ago

Some well informed opinions here. Good predictions.