NGP Has a Better Ring To It Than Vita

Rumors have been flying around that the next Sony handheld will be named the Vita as opposed to the NGP that it has been aptly named to this point. Is the Vita a better fit for the name, or should Sony stick with calling it the NGP?

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Misterhbk2670d ago

IF the name is PSV/PlayStation Vita, I like it.

Has a certain ring to it. It also allows Sony to begin anew with their handheld department. Anyone who bought a PSP already and sees this will already know its a PSP 2, but others will see it and be able to think its a whole new console.

Sony is setting a high bar for this handhelds and the competition with this thing, and the name fits. PlayStation Life. Also, the marketing department is going to have a field day with this one. Its almost too easy.

Abash2670d ago (Edited 2670d ago )

I like the name PlayStation Vita

tehpees32670d ago

I thought the name sounded cool. and it sounds way better than just PSP 2

Istanbull2670d ago

NGP, PSV... They all sound great, tough I like NGP more.

RedDead2670d ago

I think PlayStation Vita sounds shi*, I like PSV though... If PSV becomes the marketed name i will like, like Ps1, Ps2 and Ps3 you have Psv

jony_dols2670d ago (Edited 2670d ago )

If it was called the PSV, it would not sell in Europe....apart from in Eindhoven, where it would sell by the truckload!

IRetrouk2670d ago (Edited 2670d ago )

why would it not sell in europe? im in uk and have my name down for 1, whatever its called its a day 1.

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firelogic2670d ago

Seriously. Vita may sound odd now because the public isn't used to it yet. Remember everyone saying how stupid NGP was at first? Now it's, "NGP has a nice ring to it." Yeah, it's because you kept hearing it. Wii doesn't sound as stupid now either (it's still stupid but not as bad).

Whatever they decide to name it, you'll hate it at first until you get used to it. The name quite frankly doesn't freaking matter. No system name matters anymore. They're all still branded "Nintendo" "Microsoft" and "Sony."

RememberThe3572670d ago

I don't remember people say NGP sounded stupid at all. It doesn't matter how much we say it the name is still gonna be lame. Wii is still lame, Kinect is still lame. The Name sucks. I don't see it catching on at all.

bub162670d ago

i agree, i remember when kinect was called natal. when i heard kinect i HATED IT, now i kinda like it, i dont really care what this psp type thing is. i just want it lol

aceitman2670d ago (Edited 2670d ago )

i say PsPt play station portable touch lol.

aznrunner18812670d ago

Why not call it the Dual-Quad Cornucopia?

JLeVRT2670d ago

they SHOULD just call it the PSP2

coolasj2670d ago

That'll only continue the legacy. Sony probably isn't satisfied with the PSP this Generation. And when you're moving forward from an unfavorable position you have to be new.
Besides. PSP2 is a bit wordy. It works for PS1 , PS2 , and PS3 because you're not adding another character just changing the 3rd one.

Max_Dissatisfaction2670d ago

Lmao...please you'd love the name even if it was called Playstation Jackass. You'd say something about how badass and epic and in your face it is. You'd be telling us it is for only the hardcore and that if we don't like it then we are all babies.

Thatguy-3102669d ago

this is the same story over and over...when NGP was announce many people were complaining on how stupid it sounded..time passed and every got used to it.. same will happen with VITA believe me.

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CynicalVision2670d ago

Hopefully that's all people will be reminded of since Vista was a disaster.

KeiserSosay47882670d ago

Agree, thats the first thing I thought lol...It is too close to vista.

awiseman2670d ago

Actually I thought of those vitamin gum balls. NGP was a beast name, I liked it better imo

Kamikaze1352670d ago

I like Veta...NPG would have been a retarded name, especially towards the end of the handheld generation.

negroguy2670d ago

I think it's a cool name. I think it'd just be funny saying "hey man you got the vita?".

iNFAMOUZ12670d ago

Oh shut the fuck up already, VITA IS GOOD, stop whining, you sound like a little bitch

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