Tales of Xillia Story and System Trailers Now Online

The official Tales of Xillia site has been updated with two new trailers of the game, the ones they showed during Tales of Festival 2011.

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coryok2549d ago

these look good, been a long time since i played a tales game, glad theyre finally bringing one to the ps3 so i can play it

CrescentFang2549d ago

I may be able to get my cousin into this now..., I just got him playing Persona 4 too...
Well I can't wait for Graces f to come, let's hope that this get's localized in English (so if it gets released anywhere it'll be in English plus the PS3 is region free too)
I got pretty excited because of these trailers, but unfortunately, I only own Abyss and Vesperia... so I don't really consider myself a huge fan of the series, but nevertheless it was great to watch :)

MoDyDo2549d ago (Edited 2549d ago )

this game looks amazing and for a hundredth time I hope it gets localized

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