Racing Games on Kinect? I’m Sceptical

Racing is a sport built around precision, can Microsoft’s Kinect deliver an enjoyable and realistic racing experience? Impossible isn't so sure.

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JellyJelly2608d ago

Could be fun for a laugh, as an optional feature, but I can't imagine full racing games for the Kinect. Need a proper wheel for that. Dirt: Kinect edition...the horror.

PureDarkness2608d ago

Just really don't think they'll be good

Just_The_Truth2608d ago

if you can't control the gas, brakes, gear changes etc it's not racing it's steering could be fun for kids if you were planning on getting the game and have kinect but if not the added kinectidoes not warrant a buy in itself.

maxcavsm2608d ago

Seriously though. WTF. Racing is way too twitch based to be screwing around with moving my hand a half a centimere to come around a turn.