Gears of War: Incredible Illustrations/Artworks That Will Blow You Away

GB: "Yesterday Microsoft and Epic games revealed the first campaign trailer for Gears of War 3. Today we present you some stunning Gears of War art works and illustrations made by various people across the world."

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xPhearR3dx2670d ago

I'm a HUGE Gears of War fan and honestly, none of these "Blew me away". Some are cool, but nothing over the top.

IGAMEHARD2670d ago

blown but never from images

midgard2272670d ago (Edited 2670d ago )

I just finished being blown before I logged onto to the site lmao!!

and honestly that artwork is meh, i thought it was gonna be High quality official art. I could do way better than all of those. (no conceit)

Valay2670d ago

Mind blown indeed, specially at this:  

Too bad it's not wallpapers size.

Parapraxis2670d ago

"...blah, blah, blah That Will Blow You Away"
So sick of seeing this type of headline. It's amateurish.

Venom2152670d ago

too cartoony looks like it belongs in cartoon network.....blown away....lmfao

zealottt2670d ago

Lol. This is has way better graphics then any Ps3 game.

Umad ps3 droids?

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