Let Geek Squad Install L.A. Noire

BestBuy should be really trying harder to manage what games go into what case. A BestBuy consumer has found an interesting sticker on the L.A. Noire box.

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MostJadedGamer2608d ago

I wonder if you can pay Geek Squad to actually play the game for you to?

TheBeast2608d ago

Haha, I want this game beat! Do it noa!

bit-crusherrrr2608d ago

This thing has been seen many times before, its merely a case (well one would hope) of them not taking stickers of the security boxs from other software that may require an install thats abit tricky.

YeahDudeJZ2608d ago

You do realize that those cases are universal right???

SeraphimBlade2608d ago

How much do they charge for installation? 40 bucks?

Reborn2608d ago

Hmm, I wonder who'd fall for that?

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