Top 10 games that will blow you away visually at E3 2011

Graphically impressive games grab gamers interest immediately.

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immortal842460d ago

Great list can't wait to see more of Gears 3 and Skyrim.

Commander_TK2460d ago

Though not a fan of either, I quite interested to c both.

Vherostar2459d ago

How can Forza and Gears blow you away when they look practically the same as previous titles?? I am not saying they aren't great looking games but to be blown away they have to make a graphical leap and both them games have clearly not. Last Guardian and Skrim probably will though.

Aloren2459d ago

Haven't seen enough of Forza 4... but Gears 3 really looks better than 2. This would be just like saying Uncharted 3 won't blow your mind cause it looks "practically the same" as U2.

2459d ago
Anon19742459d ago

Yeah, I gotta agree with others. Gears looks like Gears. Not that Gears isn't a great game and I'm still hyped for it, but it hasn't really changed since 2006.
Forza 4 doesn't do anything for me. Did you see that video? Ugh. It actually looks bad in-game, the cars look cartoony. I deny anyone to watch that video and say that looks realistic. And the idea of sitting on a couch and holding a make believe steering wheel turns my stomach. Do I have to yell "vroom, vroom" to make it go too?
Finally, codenamed kingdoms - really? We've seen zero of this game, and it's on the visual "blow you away" list? Ever heard of putting the cart in front of the horse? I could just as easily say that the Phantom Game from Make Believe Studios is visually the best game evarhh! I'll believe it when I see it.

The rest on the list aren't too bad though. Looking forward to everything there, and games like Elder Scrolls, Uncharted, Bioshock - they all have a history of pushing graphical boundaries. I'd say the same about Gears as well because it's the best looking game on the 360, but visually it just hasn't progressed, and the beta didn't really give hope that the 3rd would be changing up much. Not that it needs to. Best series on the 360.

2459d ago
aia122459d ago (Edited 2459d ago )

gears 3 is a huge graphical leap from 2 check out the digital foundries gears 3 beta analysis. its obvious you're just in denial just like almost everyone on this site was with crysis 2 claiming it wasn't the best looking game on consoles simply because it wasn't ps3 exclusive. I haven't seen forza 4 so I'm not going to say anything about that but gears 3 I can vouch for because I played the beta and all other previous gears games

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hardcore19122460d ago

After playing Crysis 2 I want to see Kingdoms. I want to see how much Cryteck can push the Xbox360 visually.

BeastlyRig2460d ago (Edited 2460d ago )

only thing make sure you have a kinect to play it..

IronFistChinMi2460d ago

It's not a Kinect only title, just optional.

Vherostar2459d ago

I fear it will suck using kinect but be a really good game without Kinect which isn't a problem for core gamers. Plus MS wont mind as people will try to claim you can finally get a Kinect title thats not casual.

Venox20082460d ago

don't know about you guys, but Child of eden for me :)

HeavenlySnipes2460d ago

be surprised if the game is a major steaming pile of crap

For me at least, I imagine how long I'd see myself playing a particular game. COE looks like a game that I would play once or twice then never again.

Venox20082460d ago

you obviously didn't play REZ :)

stealth500k2460d ago

graphically impressive games are usually the least impressive gameplay wise which means they stink

USUALLY, not always

Foxgod2460d ago (Edited 2460d ago )


Name 3 games that look great but suck ass?
Usually great looking games play great, not always, but usually.

stealth500k2460d ago (Edited 2460d ago )

easy it takes 3 seconds

call of duty, brink,dragon age 2, ect

I can list alot of good graphics ( if you like the realism style) with gameplay that would make a rea gamer cry

Even crysis 2 was less deep gameplay wise as there farcry games and crysis 1.

call of duty is well received? You must not read much

jwk942460d ago

uncharted2, gears 1&3, and smg, all games on their respective consoles that offer an amazing gameplay experience. of course this is just an opinion.

awiseman2460d ago (Edited 2460d ago )

Crysis 1&2, gears of war1,2 ,3 uncharted 2, halo reach, elder scrolls 4 and soon 5, the witcher 2, metro 2033 all beg to differ.

I know you may disagree with the inclusion on Reach, but I included it from a technical standpoint

Battlefield 3 also almost forgot

Foxgod2460d ago (Edited 2460d ago )

Brink, Dragon age and call of duty are not graphical beasts.

On top of that The best looking game from your list (COD) is extremely well received, sold millions and got great scores.
Only its online is a bit broken.

Yes, COD is well received, scored great reviews, and is praised for its singe player experience.
You are referring to the multiplayer aspect, people complain about that, but that doesnt make the game crap.
As multiplayer is only one aspect of the game.

On top of that, it has no use to discuss COD, as its not a graphical beast, it just got great scripted action in it, but that doesnt make it a graphical beast.

undercovrr2460d ago

How about the Witcher 2? That game is probably the best looking rpg to date and it also is an amazing game.

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hiredhelp2460d ago

Skyrim- shows no gameplay
And kingdoms never shown anything other than into opening sequence.
Battlefield is only game visually thats blown me away. The rest good granted.

Foxgod2460d ago (Edited 2460d ago )

Some gameplay has been shows of Skyrim, and i am pretty sure they will show every aspect of the gameplay at E3, considering that the game is going to be out 11.11.11.

YodaCracker2460d ago

"Kingdoms" is included because of the quote from Crytek that it is going to look far better than Crysis 2, which is considered by most as the current console graphics king.

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