Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Was Too Ambitious Under David O. Russell

his screenplay was, "too long and ambitious" for Sony's liking. David O. Russell also included a number of characters which aren't featured in the video game. We got a hint at these inclusions when the director referred to "family" elements of Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, even though the video game only focuses on one man, Nathan Drake.

Sony is still moving forward with the project, currently seeking a new writer and director for Uncharted: Drake's Fortune. Mark Wahlberg will likely not star in the adventure, perhaps paving the way for fan-favorite Nathan Fillion to make a case to play Nathan Drake.

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Uncharted3Goty2638d ago

included a number of characters which aren't featured in the video game. you hear these he was going to add People who wherent even in the game Thank you sony we gamers thank you for kicking these guy out of ruining One of the best Games.

LarVanian2638d ago (Edited 2638d ago )

I hate characters that are never present in the original source! Its why I've always disliked characters such as Rachel Dawes in Batman Begins and TDK. The huge amount of original characters in the Prince of Persia movie was also quite off-putting

kaveti66162638d ago

I think the character who Dawes is replacing is the Lieutenant's daughter, who Bruce Wayne/Batman tends to save.

Downtown boogey2638d ago

They're not trying to recreate the game/comic; They're trying to make a compelling movie.
So what if things change?

LarVanian2638d ago

@ Downtown
Is it not possible to make a compelling comic-book/game movie with the original characters?
I would much rather have seen comic-book characters such as Vicky Vale or Julie Madison as Batman's love interest rather than Rachel Dawes in Batman Begins and TDK.

HardCover2638d ago

I agree.

And if even ONE henchman I shot isn't in the film, I'm going to be sorely disappointed.

xAlmostPro2638d ago

What they need to do is either get the game writer(s) to create a new script for the movie(or just follow the ones of the current games)..

And just get a badass director to put the script/actors together with some great visual production.

They already are great at making the scripts and already have a hollywood like experience, why ruin it?..

p.s agreed why put characters that don't exist into a games movie, fool

beavis4play2638d ago (Edited 2638d ago )

yea - from what i heard from movie sites (like is that this idiot wanted to make a movie that had nothing to do with the game (storywise) except for the stupid is that?

CommonSense2638d ago (Edited 2638d ago )

no, we gamers don't thank sony for this decision. what is the point of an uncharted movie? first of all, no movie adaptation of a game has ever been good. second, uncharted is practically a movie anyway. if you remade it, you'd just end up with the same thing. they know how to make that game already...every live action disney movie and cartoon kinda has characters ad pacing just like that.

point is, uncharted has a charm about it BECAUSE it's a game. if it were a movie, it would just be a run-of-the-mill movie we've all seen a dozen times.

and if you are going to make it into a movie, it should at least be different. otherwise, what's the point? paying money to see the same story we've already played through (3 times in my case)? no thanks, i'd rather just play through the game again (it's only a 6 hour game anyway)...

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rabidpancakeburglar2638d ago

I think stupid would be a better word. Why would anyone try and focus on drakes non existent (in the game at least) extended family. It's just idiotic.

CommonSense2638d ago (Edited 2638d ago )

stupid is the better word...just not for what you think.

i realize that everyone under 30 (which is most of you) live in this really bizarre world where you can't enjoy paying attention to anything fr more than 3 minutes at a time cuz you have to constantly be texting or googling or tweeting or whatever, and that's why movies and tv shows are almost all purposefully made with that in mind; but think about what you are saying.

back story in a movie is what makes a character endearing. the reason we don't need it as much in a game like uncharted is because you are PLAYING THE GAME. you project yourself onto the character because you're the one being shot at, you're the one shooting and climbing and everything you care about what's happening. but when watching a movie, you don't do that. so if you don't know these characters, then you don't really have much incentive to care about them or what they are doing.

and think about it...Sony knows that. they didn't cancel those plans because they didn't want a back story..they did it cuz more characters and a longer script means more money. sony wants to make an 80 minute movie they can make for as little money as possible. then they'll heavily market it for the 2 weeks leading up to it coming out, they'll make their money back on the opening weekend, then everyone will realize it sucks, sony will be happy cuz they turned a profit, and the gamers will be, yet again, disappointed by a crappy adaptation.

metsgaming2638d ago

There are a lot of things to call that script but ambitious is not one of them.

MMFGaming2638d ago

That's polite for: the script sucked and had nothing to do with our game.

Uncharted3Goty2638d ago

thats true maybe sony didnt want to hurt his feelings. For a guy who made some big movies like fighter he sure cant make a Good script for a masterpiece.

kaveti66162638d ago

The game's story is thin.

I don't like Russell and even I would agree with his decision to create more characters to add some more content to the very thin plot of the Uncharted series.

The game itself is fantastic, the characters are likable enough, but the story is pretty predictable, clichéd and could not be adapted verbatim into a good film.

Good games rarely become good films.

ZeroChaos2638d ago

Pretty much what I was gonna say :P

PeZuS2638d ago

Don't you try to Geass me!

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