A Clever Tour Through Portal 2's World of Aperture Science (Review) -

"For, the first Portal provided an amazing experience. It was a small portion of the Orange Box that just exploded due to sharp dialogue, clever puzzles, and a world that was deranged like a scientific fun house. The original Portal was brilliant and to be honest, they did not think Portal 2 could live up to the original; turns out they were very wrong."

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Nick2120042676d ago

I have yet to check out Portal 2, but I have heard many great things about the title.

jsslifelike2676d ago

Pound-for-pound, it kicks LA Noire's backside (and it's good as well, so that's saying something).

jaredhart2676d ago

I only have two words for you


DJnal052676d ago

This game is nothing but epic!!

killajd2676d ago

I haven't tried it either but with all the great reviews Im itching to get it but theres just to many games coming out this yr to be able to get them all!!!