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Sony Responds to PSN Going Down Again

The PlayStation Network has suddenly gone down just recently. Sony has now responded to the reports of users not being able to sign in and also give some advice on the matter.

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Motorola1889d ago

Just a sign in issue apparently. Could be worse.

Allelujah001889d ago

Yup should be fixed soon. However the whole "dont sign out" thing kinda irks me. I just recieved the message you are now signed out of PSN. I didnt have a choice to not sign out! -_-

fluffydelusions1889d ago (Edited 1889d ago )

How would you know that? It says they are looking into the issue. For all we/they know it could have been compromised again but I hope not! That would really suck.

Allelujah001889d ago

I'm a cup half full guy unlike the majority of pessimists on here. Besides they actually put out a statement a few minutes after it went down unlike the previous debacle where we were placed in the dark for a while. Also the chances of a new security infrastructure being hacked within a couple of days seems improbable so I doubt it's a hack like most are already assuming. So I doubt it is a major issue.

DaTruth1889d ago

PSN didn't "go down" because it was compromised, they took it offline because it was compromised!

So they would absolutely know if it was compromised and they chose to take it offline again!

Fox011889d ago

Looks like it's back up again

TreMillz1889d ago

to all the girls complaining if it so easy for them to fix it, go to them and point out he situation so it can be fixed quickly. Or better yet, how about you go and fix it for them. Since your so sure these are not trained specialist is network programming and you know you can do a better job, go do it. Oh wait you can't you say? Oh really? Then sit back and shut up till they fix the problem.

Allelujah001889d ago (Edited 1889d ago )

Despite me being right I got more disagrees than the people who were wrong! How I love the N4G community!

Edit: nevermind it changed as I posted.

MaxXAttaxX1889d ago (Edited 1889d ago )

Then what the hell was I doing online all week? lol

TheRealWar1889d ago

Bu bu bu i want to play my pwee s free now!!

Immortal3211889d ago

"Im a ps3 gamer"

To be honest with you guys, psn sucks, I'm not comparing it to nothing.

When it comes back on I hope there were some changes made to the store, a more inviting feel.

jadenkorri1889d ago

just great, every time PSN goes down for a micro second... articles of it being down will be written and posted... right on

Legion1888d ago


Here is how I look at the cup issue...

It is half empty when I pay for it.

It is half full if I never expected it in the first place.

If I am really thirsty then I wonder when the refill is coming.

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lil Titan1889d ago

ill be back on soon *sigh* i guess i have to go out and have a life now, thanks Sony

oh and that is a joke for those who dont have a sense of humor

Halochampian1889d ago

or you could play offline... like the good ole days

lil Titan1889d ago

it was a joke, my comment was not to be taken seriously but obviously people on N4G read what they want rather than read whats there

what N4G people see

it s a joke, my comment to be taken seriously people on N4G i hate you

Halochampian1889d ago

Yea? And I was making a statement that people can just play offline like how gaming use to be.

I knew you tried to make a funny...

lil Titan1889d ago

no harm done it was more of a response to the disagree fairy's lol im getting sick of N4G and the retarded fanboys everyone is too serious for a gaming website, how do i delete my account?

Army_of_Darkness1889d ago

Or you could just hand me your account! Cause I can use them 5 bubbles you still have there;-) hehehe!

lil Titan1889d ago

@army nah i rather delete it, if i could donate my bubbles (which i have no idea of what your talking about) i would give them to ya

Legion1888d ago

Maybe the disagrees are the N4G people just not laughing? If you want to be a comedian then get used to the hecklers.

Now the remarks you posted about basically being persecuted for your post and the crying bit. Now THAT was funny.

p.s. just stop posting... that is the simplest way to end your account.

lil Titan1888d ago (Edited 1888d ago )

rather just delete it. its always gonna be in my mind that im still a member

graemed-ps31888d ago

@ lil titan.
copy this link into your browser (while logged in) and go to close account tab.

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norman291889d ago

I think it going down has something todo with maybe the PSstore coming back online which was rumored to be at the end of this month.


Its not down....Ive been gaming online for the past 4hours since i woke up!!!

HolyOrangeCows1888d ago

"Sony responds...." 23 hours ago
"PSN is back up" 23 hours ago

Sorry, media. You must be really disappointed.

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LOGICWINS1889d ago (Edited 1889d ago )

"PSN is experiencing a couple of issues with sign in right now, looking into it, in the meantime don’t sign out!"

Just fix it Sony.

EDIT: Damn, disagree fairies are at full force today lol.

Jihaad_cpt1889d ago (Edited 1889d ago )

so they are damned if they give updates and they are damned if they do not, shut up

LOGICWINS1889d ago

^^Your damn right. Shit like this shouldn't be happening this often.

Jihaad_cpt1889d ago

um on a network this large when building it from the ground up basically there are bound to be problems why are people so impatient, it's ridiculous that people would expect there not to be teething problems.

xPhearR3dx1889d ago


How are people being impatient? It's not like this just happened out of the blue and PSN was fine for months. PSN was down a whole month, they finally get it working again and now it's down again. I'd say people have been patient for quite some time now. Sony needs to get their shit together aready.

LOGICWINS1889d ago (Edited 1889d ago )

@Jihaad- Yes, thats what ANNOUNCED maintenance hours are for.

I understand that issues can occur in a large network....which is why its FINE if Sony tells me in ADVANCE that they will be taking down PSN for a couple hours to look for issues.

THIS, on the other hand, is a RANDOM occurrence....which is why it bothers me.

They were fixing PSN for what 2 WEEKS..and there are STILL sign in problems...get the hell outta here!

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1889d ago

Oh brother.

Psn is already back online and youre still yammering about it.

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Nate-Dog1889d ago

Thanks for posting that, I can't connect to the page (guessing it's receiving a lot of traffic lol), this really is getting tedious though.

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user94220771889d ago (Edited 1889d ago )


Heartnet1889d ago

UNcharted 2 is olddd... haha :) good game :P buy sumin new ;) hehe

fluffydelusions1889d ago

I hope it's not another breach...

kagon011889d ago

Good thing I changed my personal info to a fake one...

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