MW3: Spec Ops Ranking To Unlock Weapons And More

NowGamer: Modern Warfare 3's Spec Ops mode will feature a ranking system that unlocks new items...

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Call_me_Ishmael2460d ago

Hmmm,this might add more value to the game,the last spec ops was completely boring imo,the stuff ive hearing and seeing so far seems good and make mes want to buy it,activision is luring me into the trap again :(

Beahmscream2460d ago

I still have my doubts with this game. Many many doubts...

Kee2460d ago

That's good because the only reason I played spec ops was for the trophies. It's good they are giving us a reason to play it.

MidnytRain2460d ago

I played them for fun. I know that must sound wacked out to you, lol.

Kee2460d ago

i played mp for fun. It was funner

RyuCloudStrife2460d ago

New campaign + Awesome multiplayer experience <--- that justifies a BUY, thats why I'm getting it.. Only haters are too blind to see that.

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