Phantasy Star Online - Dreamcast Retrospective

Like the Sega Dreamcast itself, Phantasy Star Online was ambitious and ahead of its time. As common-place as the massively-multiplayer online genre is today, ten years ago dial-up internet connections and offline-only home consoles meant they were confined to PCs. However, Sega could make that leap thanks to what was considered the first true online service for a console, and with respected studio Sonic Team behind it, Phantasy Star Online quickly became a fan-favourite and the perfect showcase for the platform.

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DA_SHREDDER2640d ago

the best console mmo ever made. I loved it back when the Dreamcast was still in its prime. I didn't even go online with it, but the single player was amazing. The thing i liked the most about it was the gameplay. They really changed things for the worst in PSU. Ahh whatever. I was hoping for a psn or xbox live release but sega sucks now so whatever.

Balflear872640d ago

They have really good teams right now, the actual Sonic Team is not one of team, sadly.