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GB: "This generation of gaming has produced some really captivating role playing games with the likes of Mass Effect, Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and Dragon Age. But it is safe to assume that the Polish developers CdProjekt have outdone themselves and have given PC gamers one of the most immersive game till date. Witcher 2 is a sequel to the original where Geralt, the White Wolf has been accused of assassinating the Temerian King Foltest. The game starts with the Witcher running away from the Blue Stripes, a group of Temerian forces, but ultimately he gives up and gets captured. The Witcher is then taken in to a prison and is interrogated by the leader of the Blue Stripes: Roche. It is later learned that Letho, another witcher was actually behind the assassination of Foltest. Thus begins the tale of Witcher 2 with Geralt teaming up with a number of people during this fascinating quest, trying to recover his lost memory as well as wanting to clear his name. The story gives the player to take a number of decisions which may be political or personal, hence giving rise to an intriguing plot line."

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bozebo2676d ago (Edited 2676d ago )

"Mass Effect, Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and Dragon Age"
Mass Effect < KOTOR
Oblivion < Morrowind

Those games are nothing compared to older gens' rpgs and plenty of other rpgs on the current gen. The author just jumps on the most popular rpgs on the consoles and says they are "really captivating". No wonder he was so impressed by TW2.

To me, TW2 is good because it is something different - it isn't a WRPG or a JRPG, it's something completely new and unique.

Considering all CDPR's "DLC will always be free, always" - that should extend the playtime somewhat. As for the bugs, they annoy the hell out of me; but I have played far buggier games that reviewers never mention the bugs in...
*cough* all bioware games *cough*

mobijoker2676d ago

Don't get me wrong-9 is a good score but far worse games than witcher 2 have bagged lots of tens.Are reviewers becoming aware that 10s should only be reserved for the perfect game that will never come or they are just trying to vent their anger for not receiving free copies by reducing marks for little errors?The latter seems true to me.