Blade & Soul – Redefining the MMO genre

Developed for the PS3 (through an exclusive deal with Sony) and the PC, Blade & Soul will feature fast action paced combat with plenty of over the top gorgeous moves and combos. Here’s a quick look at the races, classes, gameplay, PvP and what NCsoft are doing different.

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Balflear872276d ago

Didn't they say that exclusive deal is broken?
The game looks good though

Googleseth2276d ago (Edited 2276d ago )

I've heard the same, but not seen any definite information about it being released for any other console.

jim-_-2276d ago

I guess thats why there was a XBox360 tag to at to the story, but I can't find anyone saying it. Do you remember where you read or heard it?

jim-_-2276d ago

Looks like that was a blanket deal from 2007, as he says "we are not working on anything at the moment" and that was in 2009, what they where working on in 2007 where "Casual games" so this should have become a brand new deal.

Its hard to say as long as they don't define the game also since the deal was 4 years ago and the article is 2 years old.

Lavalamp2276d ago

I've been following Blade and Soul for a while now. Hyung Tae Kim's art style is so gorgeous! Can't wait for this game!

ColdWinter2276d ago

Been waiting for this game for years now. not sure i'll care when it finally comes out.

Googleseth2276d ago

I just hope they are quick with translating it.

jim-_-2276d ago

The same thing happens to me all the time with MMOs, I'm just really hoping they make it different enough so it won't feel like just another MMO "skin"

HellzAssassin2276d ago

Yeah, unfortunately that's how I am. I've been waiting for this game for quite some time though... Since my friend showed it to me 3 years back or so. It looks cool, but it seems like it'll never come out :O

Googleseth2276d ago

Planned for 4th quarter this year, so should see it before Christmas, fingers crossed.

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