E3 2011 Predictions: Shenmue III

There are games people want ot be announced for this E3, after years and years... we in DaleAlStick think Shenmue 3 is going to be announced by SEGA next month.

What cannot happen if Duke Nukem Forever is finally being released?

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Marcello2640d ago (Edited 2640d ago )

I agree, i pray i am wrong. Althou that said, Yu Suzuki did say Sega would let him make it with quite a degree of confidence.

Its funny if you had said to me awhile back that either Shenmue 3 or Duke Nukem Forever would get released this year, i would have guessed Shenmue 3 the more likely.

On another side note, this Duke Nukem isnt really DNF, the trailers released way back when DNF was first annouced look nothing like this game from Gearbox, they just bought the DNF name & made there own game.

Balflear872640d ago

DNF has changed a lot since it was announced, this is no gearbox doing.

You can see that the vids leaked by 3D Realms when DNF was supposed to be cancelled looks 100 % like what gearbox is going to release next month :P

Marcello2640d ago

Ok i take that back wat i said about Gearbox, cant edit the post.

50Terabytespersec2640d ago

this is a game that needs to be done already!!! With The level of graphics in Virtuafighter 5 bring it!

Rikitatsu2640d ago

The annual Shenmue 3 rumor.

jack_burt0n2640d ago

like clockwork, is it the same page on the same site tho? lol there was one dated 2008.

Droid Control2640d ago

We Shenmue fans must be a big joke for these basement dwelling bloggers

Balflear872640d ago (Edited 2640d ago )

I am one Shenmue fan myself, i have been suffering for almost ten years already and i don't think i am a joke

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