Bring TEKKEN Blood Vengeance To The Rest Of The World

It was recently announced that the Tekken movie fans really wanted will be releasing on September 3rd,2011 in Japan and in Summer 2011 in the USA.

Although this is very good news for Tekken fans in those respective countries, the rest of the world are still wondering if TEKKEN Blood Vengeance will have a cinema release.

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belal2671d ago

heard of torrents? this movie will get ripped pretty fast.

NAGNEWS2671d ago

i have been waiting this for a long time ago

love all the Tekken cinematics

zeal0us2671d ago

idc if its japanese only long as some1 sub it and I will be fine.

Quagmire2671d ago

I would love for the film to stay true to its character languages

ie: Americans like Nina, anna, Raven, Steve etc speak english, Japanese like Jin, Heihachi, Kazuya, Jun, etc speak japanese etc