Dead Island Gameplay Walkthrough & Impressions/Details

GamerSheep walks you through some brand new gameplay of Dead Island. Lot’s of new things are shown like melee combat, driving, special abilities, crafting, quests, voice acting and lots more. Also listen to their thoughts on the game and how they think it is shaping up very nicely.

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It looks great I think, all we need now is like a hidden tank on that island :P

outwar60102609d ago

id love a samurai mode in this game

jaixvx2609d ago

Looks like fun. I want to see how the co-op is first. It's very similar to dead rising 2. So hopefully they improve on the things that made DR2 annoying. Timed missions, people you are helping attacking you after being infected very quickly. Love the gore in this game.

Firebird3602609d ago

Timed missions are the worst, ruined dead rising for me.

Chewy1022609d ago

Full body awareness is a plus. I wonder if it's going to have some type of MP. Zombie games beg to have a hoard mode or even a infection like thing.

I mean infection like everyone starts human in a hoard mode. Then once you die, you become a zombie until only one only one human is alive.

HacSawJimThugin2609d ago

I liked it. Just put it in my Gamefly queue.