Starhawk Gameplay & Impressions/Details

From the creators of Warhawk comes a bold new 3rd Person shooter adventure where you can change the battlefield instantly in the heat of combat.

Experience intense frenetic combat on foot, in vehicles, or in the air and discover a new type of shooter gameplay with the new “Build & Battle” system. Gain the tactical advantage by calling upon an arsenal of weapons, vehicles, and fortifications, violently delivered from an orbiting drop ship to help turn the tide of battle.

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waltyftm2486d ago

Looks Epic, Really impressive.

Sanii2486d ago

Hope we get some more multiplayer gameplay at E3. It looks so fun!

Istanbull2486d ago

I dont know what will be GOTY 2012:

Starhawk or The Last Guardian?

DigitalRaptor2486d ago

BioShock Infinite probably!


Chapulin2486d ago

Hopefully it will support 3D. Just got my 3D TV and it really makes a difference in how much more immersion it adds.

Wizziokid2486d ago

can't wait to get this!

rezzah2486d ago

Aww wished it came out this year.

mastershredder2486d ago

Ah... it's just his commentary over already existing Starhawk footage. I saw this footage before without his gameplay narration. This was kind of delivered as though it was first hand eh?

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